Life As I Saw It July 14th-July 27th 2014

Life as I saw it July 14th through July 27th of 2014!
I was outta commission with my health and life blogging while taking care of personal things that 
well can be shared now. 

For my daily readers I’m truly sorry that I didn’t post it wasn’t like me to not post or even update this blog site all that much with weekly photo’s but with everything that I was battling and doing I was completely tired and completely worn out. So well I took my completed entries and tweaked them to mesh into a nice one that captures the last two weeks and the last weekend and this past weekend. So here’s for a long read and my next post entitled “Pictures of my Life as I Saw it July 14- July 27th 2014” to show the excitement and well pain of the last two weeks. I’d say in enjoy but I’m not sure it’s much enjoyment. 

Monday, July 14th, 2014:
   Happy Manic Monday Mon-Mon-MONDAY! I say that with NO THRILL whatsoever. That day started out like any other, we get up and get ourselves ready for work like every other work week work day then it was off to get the little guys ready for their day at school. My wifey (Kia) was staying with us after my husbands deranged cousins son threw her out for like the fifth time in a month span. It was nice having an extra set of helping hands in the morning and around the house honestly. Once the dogs went out and were brought back in it was time to load the boys into the car and make our commute to town. Our first stop was their school in Amherst, which is great for me since it’s like fifteen minutes from my work in the summer when the students are in town and traffics not as hectic. Once they are dropped off and checked in it’s my turn to head off to work at UMass and Lorne’s turn to head off to Chicopee. It’s nice he’s got time to help with drop off’s! Yay! 
Once I got to work it was work like usual until I got a message after lunch stating my GSD (German Shepherd Dog) got loose and was having a blast in the area. One hour and forty-five minutes later she’s back in my house and me and the wifey are completely exhausted, so we rest a little before having to commute back to Amherst to get my kids from school and grab dinner in Hadley. We were having our family friend Pete over since it was Monday night in our house we watch WWE RAW! Once done shopping and heading home we pull in just as Lorne pulls in right behind us, great for us since we had food and children to unload, helping hands. It was great since we were able to get the babies feed and wait for our friend Pete to arrive, which was nice cause Lorne was getting Kayden to sleep while we hung with Pete and got the older boys to settle down. During that Pete got an important call which had him stepping outside for a moment and then running next door to inform them that Saturday they’d come in contact with people with a BAD case of HEAD LICE!, which mean’s we also came in contact with it… UGH! Once I was told that well let’s say we all got checked. Great the kids were clear they had wicked short hair and Kayden was sleeping and wasn’t near any of them who had it, I on the other hand managed to get it! I’ve never had it until this year. (I’m starting to think my 25th year is just one unlucky year period!) Since the week before I was out for a day or two cause I was stung/bitten by an evil bug. So after getting told I had it, it was time for me to get my first head lice treatment and then strip my bed and remake it, then it was off to bed. 

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014:
  Happy oh FUDGE IT ain’t nothing happy about today gosh dang it. Morning started out like every normal day, with me and the husband up and getting ready before getting the kids ready except this morning we were a little more sluggish since he didn’t have to work until 10am and I wasn’t working because I was spot cleaning the house due to HEAD LICE! Once the boys were ready we loaded them up and dropped them off at school. I of course headed home while Lorne headed off to work a little early. Met up with my mother in law to start the overhaul since my house had come in contact with head lice and apparently it can spread like wildfire according to everyone I’d talked to about getting rid of it and making sure my kids wouldn’t get it. Then it was off to town to see Angie, Stephen and Bryan as he wanted to talk to Kia which seriously took TWO HOURS, like that wasn’t a waste of my time. Grrr! My day slightly waisted and it took FOREVER in town since I brought Angie since my mother in law had no car, yikes that was HELL in itself. After doing that and dropping her off it was back to the house to unload and well rest a little bit before having to get the babies from school and well it was a LONG day since lorne was working 10am till 8pm. Shockingly it wasn’t too bad we fed and did the normally nightly routines with the boys and even had Kayden asleep early so we let the boys curl up and watch cartoons until Dad got home and so he could place them in bed and well the rest of us head off to bed ourselves. 

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014:
    HUMP DAY Y’ALL! Yup I said it, and yeah a full normal day back on our daily routine and man I loved it. Got up did my morning routine getting ready since Lorne had the day off so he took over the kids and gave me some extra time to get together for work since it was a FULL DAY for me, and the best part was I didn’t have to DRIVE! Oh how I love Wednesdays! So after everyone was ready we were up and running dropping the boys off to school then me off to work! Yay! I love my job at UMass it’s honestly the best job anyone could ask for, my coworkers are amazing and so are my bosses. Work was great minus the phone call to my doctors office because I wasn’t sure if I was seeing dandruff or head lice, which honestly wouldn’t have been good on campus. Then it was time for me to get picked up and get the kids then head home and chill with the hubs and wifey and the babies before calling it a night. It was a low key mellow night which was nice. 

Thursday, July 17th, 2014: 
     Well after e-mailing my boss about my appointment that was planned yesterday (well reminded them) and explaining that I’d keep them updated I dropped my kids off. It was a normal morning we all got up the adults got ready way before the kids then the kids were up and they got ready and we were out the door. I headed back to the doctors appointment only to find out that yeah I had lice still even though we did a treatment Monday night, which lead to me being out of work Thursday and Friday in fear that I’d spread it to the whole campus, UGH down fall to working on a campus with ton’s of people employed and attending. So my weekend well started EARLY! I was to retreat again Saturday with a prescription that was prescribed for me. Oh the joys of being a victim of head lice, after finding out I couldn’t get the medication until Friday I headed home to chill with Kia aka the wifey to make plans to celebrate my besties birthday at the Seven O’s that night. Well that was a HUGE BUST when the girl who I thought was a friend turned out to be a jealous witch who felt the need to get us kicked out since she worked there, I mean like WOW, and for me to get back I must say sorry for what I’m not even sure, Sorry for being self confident, honest, real and down to earth… I’m not one who puts out and sleeps around and calls my ex for fun when I’m in need, but whatever it is what it is. But that’s not how the bestie got thrown out … that was after they got cut off two drinks in after being there for oh IDK 2 hours… Grrr that was aggravating and the fact I kept walking pissed people off and then being told I flipped people off was like wow… I didn’t I waved goodbye after trying to wave for help to get a fight to not happen. Like seriously I was trying to do good, oh well … we left and went home and headed to bed. That was a busted night for us but we made plans to have a BBQ Party at my house instead of hosting it at the O’s in Sunderland that’s okay they lost out on over $400 worth of booze sales worked for me cause we saved money in the end. Once Misty was dropped off me and the wifey headed home to head to bed since Friday was going to come fast.

Friday, July 18th, 2014: BIG JON DAY!
    TGIF! Up and at’em literally, I mean everyone up and everyone get ready since Lorne was working his 09:00-17:30 shift before his long time friend and best man our friend Big Jon was to come over and hang out with us for the night, well most of it. It was an added day off thanks to the breakout of Head Lice up on the hill, but it gave me and Kia time to do things for Big Jon celebration. Ha ha ha basically a good friend was coming over and it was giving us a chance to have a fun night which included the kids.  There was a small possibility that Kia would be leaving for either Virginia or Vermont this coming weekend, but as the day went on the plans changed drastically. So after all of running around we headed home to unload stuff and put things away before having to get the babies from school then prep for tonight. After a crazy commute to town to get the babies we rushed home trying to beat everyone so that we’d have enough time to get everything together before Jon showed up who happened to have beat Lorne home too. Fifteen minutes after getting home and unloading the babies. Then it was time to get the fun started from cooking to hanging out with the family from up the hill which lead to us having a bonfire and the babies all but Kayden staying up a little later which was fine since they don’t get to see their Uncle Jon that much. After it got to be 2230 we started picking up and putting the babies to bed and Jon himself got ready for a lovely drive home as we all got ready to close down the hatches to the house. 

Saturday, July 19th, 2014: Happy Birthday Misty! (Party Anyways)
Well this is was the day the world of mine started and changed. Okay so all day we prepped for a party that was to take place later that day, we kinda were lazy and decided to test drive trucks and try to get me a beautiful Dodge Ram 2500 yet the dealership decided to ignore their sales person and yeah a WAIST of my deposit! Grrrr oh well it was fun driving her. Then it was home to get ready for a party! Waaa hoo! Birthday Party for my big sis man was it like a high school reunion for us though, from Todd to Fitzy to the neighbors I mean wow talk about freshman year all over again. It was fun and I even was supposed to hang and spend the night at Misty’s yet that changed drastically when my cousin (through marriage) and his ex decided they were going to bang while at my Sisters house but hey that kept us down in the bedrooms watching movies, until they decided they were going to leave and head to Pelham, which that took place around 2345 and well we said have fun, we wanted to rest. 

Sunday, July 20th, 2014: A&B, Hospital, & Police!
 The morning came quickly when 0350 came around and I got a call asking me to pick the two walkers up on their walk home, they didn’t make it far in their travels either, weirdly enough they thought I’d be coming home that night which was wrong! Oh well I left the comfort of my nieces bed to pick their sorry drunk asses home just in time for them to have a fight that left me with back pain, his ex with a fractured wrist, and oh yes him denying everything that took place. I’ve got a police statement down at my local department after being seen at the Cooley Dickinson Hospital, oh joy right, I’m out of work Monday to make an appointment to see my normal doctor because of back injuries, that lead to me being out for a WEEK! Ugh! After hospital visits, statements at the police station and of course getting medication before dropping people off it was home to rest, which I def. needed after a rough night. 

Monday, July 21st, 2014: Happy Birthday Ron!
 Get up drop kids off, e-mail out of work and went home to rest so that I could contact my doctors office to get seen. A lazy day that’s what Monday was. Nothing fancy. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014:
  After waking up in the middle of the night in serious pain, thinking my insiders where coming out I contacted my doctors to be seen to find out I’ve got a UTI infection that wasn’t helping my back pain, so keeping my Friday appointment I was seen today with two medications that should help me feel better which only made me sicker than a DOG. Then after my appointment it was home to rest since the babies were off at school! Yay! Thanks hubs! It was a long day but the Hub’s got me help that night since I couldn’t walk it wasn’t any fun but it also anything asked for. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014: An Attempt At Work!
 So waking up late, puking everywhere, then jumping in the shower to get cleaned off to get dressed for work was a task and a half. Getting to work without throwing up was the best part ha ha ha I made it to work before crying from pain and fear of getting sick to throwing up and swallowing it back down cause it wasn’t happening. I e-mailed Randy my boss to ask to leave and was told I was more than alright, I was then out for the day and it was nice since Lorne had the day off to take care of me. I slept that whole day! Man did I need it! 
We got the kids then headed off to get things for us then headed home to call it a NIGHT!

Thursday, July 24 2014: 
 E-mailed out of work because I was sicker than HELL throwing up EVERYWHERE I had Lorne go in late because there was no way I’d be functioning in the morning, but to bring me back the SUV since I had to get the kids from school later, that was a mission and a half. But it wasn’t bad once I got them home they listened for once until dad got home then it was the end of the world. But I was off to bed since I had medical appointments all day that day. 

Friday, July 25th, 2014: Medical & Dental Day!

TGIF! Again! Drop the kids off then off to my medical follow up from my hospital visit on Sunday and my visit on Tuesday when we learned that I was possibly was allergic to some of my medication. I was able to rest until having to get the kids then was home to rest since the hub’s was coming home at the same time but wouldn’t get in until after us. 

Lazy night and lots of REST! 

Saturday, July 26th, 2014: 
Kids went to Grandma & Aunties
Well I was up at the crack of dawn which wasn’t any different than any other saturday in the past, but today they went to Grandma & Aunties and well this was the day that life was to change when I had someone removed from my house for taking my PILLS. Annoyed and ticked off yes but did I press charges nope cause that girl didn’t want help and I can’t help the one who don’t want to help themselves. After all that happened I spent the rest of my time looking over my shoulder for a few days since she’s one who can be vindictive according to her biological family, but hey I tried to help. Once dad was home it was BEDTIME for myself. 

Sunday, July 27th, 2014: Happy Surprise Birthday Lorne!

 Nice breakfast before lorne went to work, then it was load up and off we went of course on our way home it decided to down pour and before we left it did too and well of course I changed the BBQ to a Pizza Party. Of course I went and got my husband a desk top for his birthday, along with some stuff for the party before having to get him, all he knew about was the desktop. Of course what the boys did after the party was impressive, four break sets on a yukon in an hour. Then it was getting everyone ready for bed, best part to that day was getting TWO FREE LUKE BRYAN TICKETS and the seats ARE INSANE! I loved it that was the best gift he didn’t know about let alone myself! Tickets arrive a few days before the concert! 

Monday, July 28th, 2014: BACK TO WORK FOR ME!
  WOW, it’s been like TWO WEEKS since I’d worked and many it’s WEIRD. I handed in my paperwork and got work yet requested a half day! Which wasn’t a bad idea since it was a crazy last two weeks! 



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