Wicked Short Week!!!!

Holy crap my week is Wednesday to Friday! Waaa!!!!

My life after five days off oh holy wow!!!!
Wednesday, July 9, 2014:
meeting at 8:00 am at Amherst PCDC to get the kids back into school ugh drama there and well I got to work exactly at 8:30 so I won’t complain though it took me five freaking minutes to climb the stairs with a swollen ankle and before you say take the elevator I’m not doing that alone. Then ater taking a second day’s start up of medication I got sick grrr that medication and me don’t seem to mix well, to the point I worked only 4 hours which was fine with my body cause as soon as I ate something stable I was feeling sicker than a dog. Then it was off to deal with some Truck crap and get let down by the dealership once more cause the banks they use magically say I’m not good with cosigners, ANNOYING to say the least. NEVER TRUST DEALERSHIPS or OUTSIDE BUYERS I’ve been screwed big time! Grrr! Then it was get dinner at the store then head to get the kids and rush home before the storm. Got to get some pictures of the wild turkeys that lerk in the fields before dinner and relaxing with my babies.

Thursday, July 10, 2014: BACK TO REALITY a normal day for us!
up and at’em slacking non the less thanks to a storm that had kids and pets up for A LOT LONGER THAN PLANNED! Grrr!
dropped kids off for 5 after 8am which was nice was at work few minutes later. Work flow from 8:30 to 16:30 always a military time kinda gal blame the fire department for instilling it harder!
Got breakfast at work for $3.21 and chatted on and off with some friends while being very productive with my work progress! Yay and even getting to do this small portion of my blog! Hello productive lunch break! Right, ha ha ha I’m so lame… yet it keeps me pacing through the work load. Well now it’s near the end of the work day and almost time to get my babies from school and I can ‘t honestly wait! I miss them they are my life. The best part of my day was chatting with JC, MH and KP. Yeah I’m coding my friends names. Sorry! Well time to get the shut down going for the work area since I have to get my butt ready to get my babies for 17:00! Then home to make dinner! Yum! Can’t wait! Then after dinner it’s baths and story time and BED!
Then I’m going to hopefully get to do some photo posting! Can’t wait to see how the pictures came out, just have to post my name overlay on them so no one steals my photos.
Well that’s wrap so far of my Thursday and it’s only 16:21! See ya later!

Well it’s Friday morning, time to finish off  THURSDAY’s adventures.

Got the kids, headed home and well played outside till dad got home and hung with the neighbors as they are family. Then it was home to cook dinner, bath and bed but for me it was dinner, run to Amherst have an akaward moment and head home. Then it was some ice cream, pickles, and olives before bed! Yay in bed by 22:30! Yay!

Friday, July 11, 2014: TGIF
Well up and at’em running all kinds of late, broken iPhone charger but won’t say I didn’t see that coming just gonna say it’s MY FIRST! Hahaha I’ve made it through at least THREE YEARS with the same charger! Yay! That’s actually not impressive sadly, but then again it beats leaving your lunch on the counter and realizing it at the end of your road.

Oh well I’m at work gonna run this day through and be nothing but happy as I show off my NEW PANDORA SHIRT I got in the mail yesterday! Way to go Pandora! Woot woot! Loyal Fan!

This week in pictures … is kinda a joke but here goes nothin!

Wednesday in Pictures:

SOA Baby!!!!! Snapchat Selfie 

Yeah working out is working for me 

slowly getting my tighter tummy 

flex it and don’t be ashamed of it 

Thursday in photos!!!!

driving home in the sun rays 

PANDORA in my mailbox !!!!

letter from PANDORA !!!! woot woot 

I gots a PANDORA SHIRT!!!!! yay!!!!

*loyal fan*

snapchat my dinner to friends i was so lazy that’s what I made (still forever yummy)

desert yummy!!!! woot woot 

Friday morning in pictures:

UNCOOL oh well I smile and go shopping later!!!! he he he 


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