Happy Fourth of July WEEKEND!!!!

Fourth of July Starts our weekend off giving us a lovely five day weekend. Sweet right! Except FRIDAY the fourth it consistently rained and had EVERYONE post pone their events from family and friends to town fireworks.

So let’s recap the amazing weekend!
(I sadly won’t be including photo’s since I’ll be straight posting them in their own posts!)
Friday, July 4, 2014:
got to sleep in a little bit sucked through I personally felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day. my BBQ party to celebrate the birth of America, Bruce and family & friends was rained out until the fifth but that was okay it was our pre-game to the fun at the fireworks that Amherst also postponed. 
Saturday, July 5, 2014: 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRYSTAL! even though you hate me I’m still your sister!
A RUSHED morning to prep for a lovely BBQ Party before heading off to the Fireworks in Amherst.
So my morning consisted of making drinks and getting the people that were coming over so that when I got back I could well prep the tossed salad! Yay! This year was NICE NO DRAMA what so ever! Amazing I didn’t feel used, grumpy or mad when I went to bed disappointed with the fireworks like every time I go cause Amherst SUCKS!, but hey can’t complain.
The BBQ was great the people were awesome and the food was to die for, well not literatly but there wasn’t much left over before packing us all up before venturing off to the part of Hadley that give us quick exit and nice seats for the fireworks!
At the meeting point we got the vehicles lined up and set up the kids spots! WE OF COURSE TOOK THE HILL, next year we plan it a little better, I mean no hill cause I wound up on the flat part by mid-show cause it was just the luck of the draw with kids that couldn’t sit still but hey wouldn’t complain about it either there excitment was all I needed to be pleased. The fact my five year old was not whiny and scared was even better.

Sunday, July 6th, 2014:
after skimming through photo’s I realized it was another LAZY SUNDAY!

Monday, July 7th, 2014:
WELL my kids have no school which means I have no work since I had no one to watch them. JOYFUL NOT! Yet this is also the day I realized that well uhm yeah I am not a super hero. And well that was a day of DRAMA via family but we made it through and I got to sleep and not go to work the next day either since I had taken it off for personal reason. Monday was fun lazy and a day at home.

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014:
Not enough time in the day yet everything was completed and moved around. Found out i’m slightly allergic to yellow jackets and that I can’t win at everything. Oh well hung with my babies and friends after and even took them swimming since it was like 100 degrees!
We had mac n cheese for dinner and well i had a salad.

That was my weekend! Long but entertaining.



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