Ha ha Ha ha!
What a WEEK, woah WAIT it was SHORT 
I worked … 
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 
Tuesday & Friday are off then the weekend!
Monday: THE NORMAL! 
Up and off to drop kids off to school and myself to work! Yikes the fun of this! Actually it’s always fun except I was anxiously awaiting what I didn’t realize at the time would be such shitty news yet in some ways good if I can muster up a darn co-signer that’s willing to cosign for me. Then it was off to get something from my cousin’s house since there was MAD DRAMA that day because of an insecure 21 year old with women issues. BLAME THE PARENTS completely on this! I know there’s been a rough few weeks with stuff that’s happening but seriously dude man up! Life’s rough! Then it was off to my house to hide my cousin’s girlfriend since they’d been fighting. Then it was oh off to the O’s YET I WAS COMPLETELY SOBER and the DD the whole night making my night much more amusing than it should be. I mean really! The stories this gal heard… the things I saw! 
Then it was home and BED!
Tuesday: DAY OFF … For NOTHING Grrrr HATE WHEN I’M BLOWN OFF! Seriously don’t schedule an appointment with me then say we can’t meet! That pisses me off especially when I could have worked! Oh well! Shit Happens! Avon orders submitted and Tupperware order submitted! ASK ME HOW TO ORDER OR JOIN! Then I was off to have lunch with the lovely Katey Nee and bring her to work at The O’s then off to get my sister Misty and take the kids shopping then BBQ beore having to get my lovely buddy from work only to have Lorne get her cause dinner ran late and little man got fussy and hurt so we bathed the boys and sent them to bed. Then us adults (My sis & I) watched some Disney Jr since we were to lazy to leave the room after Kayden fell asleep… lol Yeah we are so lame sometimes. Then we put the older boys to bed and Lorne brought Misty home after we accidently broke the bed trying to get up from watching tv. 
Wednesday: WORK DAY and back to normally flow … only thing that was different was the after events of home life… It Down Poured and we meet up with a friend… then home for me to grill and shortly after LOOSE POWER for an hour!!!! I passed out!!!
Thursday: SHORT DAY!!!! 
Worked 08:30-11:30 then was busy running around then got the boys at like 3:30 in prep for some fun with the family all weekend long! It’s nice to say the weekend starts at 18:00 today. 
Check back for the 5 day weekend we’ll have!!!!






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