Woah… this weekend is already OVER!

Friday: DAY OFF
Drop the kids off at school, head off to my first appointment of the day my TEST DRIVE at Bob Pion for a 2009 Chevy Pick-up that I FELL IN LOVE with yet doubt I’ll be getting but hey I did the paperwork and was told I need a cosigner … oh MOTHER!
Then it was off to home eat then grab the kids for dental appointments! JOY!
Then it was off to get little man and then my cousin’s GF so she could watch my munchkin’s! Oh the joys of fun times. I was off to see Aaron Lewis and friends at Look Park! 
Morning was rough but hey it’s life my kids keep me on my toes and my house is lived in not PERFECT! Then it was off to my sister Misty’s house for a FAMILY BBQ! That was fun got some amazing photo’s! Yay! Then it was off to the FIREWORKS! Sweetness! 
At the fireworks I ran into friends which makes outings way more fun! Then it was well SHOW TIME and well my photo’s will share the rest of Saturday’s night besides the WALKING DEAD EPIDEMIC from leaving the show! hahaha inside joke! 
Sunday: TOOK MY MOTHER FOR A TEST DRIVE AND HAD A MOMENT that seriously was my day! Lame but it was my day!

ahhh i want!

ahhh i need! 

rock on dude!

not thrilled at all he’s not one who likes the dentist 

aaron lewis and friends at look park! yeah baby!

i got tired of looking at ugly asses 


I decided that I didn’t want to be a adult anymore and built a fort with my kids! HA HA HA

Photography it’s not a career but it’s not just a hobby either!

Uhm yeah beautiful sunset

the babies 

after this picture he PASSED OUT



Fire Works in a MASON JAR!

Well Y’all that’s my week, stick around this week shall be just as bangin’!


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