Transformation Tuesday

This transformation is also a SHOUT OUT to my beautiful and strong niece who’s been going through a lot with the worry of her step-father who’s been more like her father for most of her life. I’m a damn proud Aunt as I’ve never seen a girl as strong as her besides her mother. My niece watched me Graduate High school and I’d be damned if I MISSED her graduate 6th grade.

My niece did amazing even when there were moments of tears, sorrow and sadness for the missing of one key person who’s fighting for his life down in Boston. My niece showed EVERYONE strength, courage and hope all in one day, she’ll never know until later in life just how strong she was for she’s still young to believe what happened that day strengthened her for her future.

Me and My Niece
My High School Graduation

My Sister’s Daughter’s Graduation
6th Grade Graduation!

Well that’s my niece she’s an inspiration to the girls her age, she’s an inspiration to the women of now and the women of the future… ROCK ON SWEETIE AUNTIES DAMN PROUD!


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