Throwback Thursday!!!!!

Omg the gems of Throwback Thursday I found thanks to my mother. Like wow what a cutie and man I def. hung with the boys.

I love my family they come first this photo makes me cry as the women in lost her life shortly after battle with breast cancer, god bless her soul Aunty I miss you. I from time to time bug your sweet daughter and charming son’s! 
My Cousin Tom Drake, his mom Sandy, and ME! *1990* 

Then my next throwback was when I’d hang with my friend Pete and we’d drive around in his jeep, best part is 20 something years later he’s got that exact jeep and well we still hang don’t worry I’ll have the transformation photo soon! It’s hard to take that alone… lol talk bout childhood friends till the end. Keep girl before jeeps were in, tom boy before people found it fashionable, and well I was just me and got along with the boys.
Pete and myself in his red jeep back when we where younger and well my expression says it all *lmfao* 


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