Friday the 13th!

What a week this has been short but … 
Monday: Waisted day on my part but eventful none the less to the point I hardcore stressed out and passed out forgetting which day I was on, ahhh gotta love it. Well that was monday, one picture was taken sadly it was of me and my kitten.
Tuesday: Well that was fun night the day was well long. Doctors that lasted way longer than it should and well some fun that led to a wonderful night. Ton’s of pictures but only the best come to my blog!
Wednesday: Wow what a day I mean really seriously what a day but who wants to focus on the bad of the past, lessons learned and with that the rest of the evening was amazing my kids listened and even went to bed EARLY, SHOCKINGLY.
Thursday: Another day of whackiness that isn’t worth dwelling on since it’s a stem from Wednesday with lessons learned and words shed and voices heard. Another AMAZING EVEING minus a teethin fussy baby who well just happened to make the funniest video for my friend Katey which she loved. SCORE! Little Red you did it again.
Friday Morning: Well besides the rush between getting ready and paying bills the rain made it interesting. Got to work with a few to spare and time to write this lovely piece and edit photos. See you later … I’ll be sure to post some tonight after the kids sleep. Pages to update, my reciepe and arts/crafts to update too, many things to change too! Can’t wait or reader feedback!

Alright time for some neat pictures. All taken by ME of course, all property of ©Shlackers and ©A.HattPhotoraphy! Both my signatures for my photo’s and blog! Please don’t steal my work.


Sleeping and Bubbles used me *thanks to a sneaky person this was on my pone*


playing on the swing



so handsome playing on the swing

OUT COLD by 8pm

OUT COLD by 8:15pm
coloring on my notepad

Work Flow PEACE

PEACE outta work after a interesting day!

Got what makes me go, keeps me happy & grounded!


Friday Morning:


Well that’s the week I had … see you Monday!


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