Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday is thing that started on instagram that I’ve taken and moved to my blog in hopes of sharing my life with my followers and subscribers. The first picture I bring is of me back in High School in 2004 back when I was a mere baby in the adult world then the second is of me in 2014 at my house as a 25 year old wife, student, full time employee and mother to three amazing sons! 
I have changed for the better as I’ve grown into an amazing women. 
Want to get to know me add me on 
TWITTER @BellasWhiskey89
SNAPCHAT @BellaWhiskey289


Me in 2004!
2004 Before going out to the Mall with my Bestie Nicky *My Lover*
the Godmother to all my son’s! 
Me in 2014!
2014 Me just goofing around and redoing a hairstyle that is oh so CUTE 🙂 


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