Family from NC comes to Visit!

Family from North Carolina 
  Well this past Sunday my father in law came up with my mother in law and sister in law whom I’ve never meet until Sunday night which was completely interesting of course.
I meet my mother in law for the second time since her coming to America in a bathrobe and well meet my sister in law the same way, as we’d gotten a new pup that’s well unsure of new people until they’ve been introduced, but she’s fine around my children she’s a guard dog and well she’s my home security. But that’s okay we are family right… lmfao that was the most epic moment in life though it never fails when you least expect your company to arrive they arrive before you know it. The kids got to see and meet everyone for a few moments then it was bed and help them get situated before they headed to bed themselves it was a long day of driving for them. 
The next day it was fun since we all had different things but we all got to hang out for a few before we did the normal bedtime routine. Tuesday was the best day ever though, with the weather being beautiful till the end when it started to storm which made for a fun time watching everyone scatter and collect things for the incoming rain we were about to get to everyone saying goodnight too. We had pizza that my father in law ordered which was yummy then we played a game of something that required hand eye coordination but since I can’t figure or remember the name it’s alright it’s our new game and the kids love it. Sad that we didn’t get to see them before they left. But before they left I was able to get some photo’s of Tuesday’s fun so here are my favorites. 

Me, My Sister, and My Mother in Law

Me, My Sister, and My Mother in Law 
Family- Sean, Ange, My Mother in Law, My Sister, Me, Connor & My Cousin Shauna who’s more like my other sister! I’ve known her for awhile she goes way back to my childhood thanks to my Aunts. 

Dad, sister, cousin, mother and kids playing in the yard 

playing against my mother and cousin and getting pegged by my mother in law … lol priceless though i’ll miss them 

these moments grandpa and his grandkids and their aunt clau clau who they just meet this year and love her 

my boys learning the game & they did amazing 🙂 and won first game too!


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