It Never Fails… Monday’s HERE!

 It NEVER Fails Monday’s HERE!
It’s Monday and you know what that means, the weekend is over and the fun is stopped because reality is here. So let’s go over this interesting weekend.
My weekend started Friday at 12:00 noon, didn’t bug me but annoyed me after I left work early to be told I didn’t have to get out 1.5 hours earlier. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying my time. So let’s RECAP IT ALL! Friday to this morning!
Work was great 8:30-12:00! Perfect Friday shift, sucks that I’m out pay for it but its life we can’t do anything but learn to accept the events that are unchangeable. So after dealing with personal issues I went home to grab lunch before having to get my little man from school for his appointment. Then it was back home to hang before picking up his brothers and spend a fun evening outside grilling. Of course we had a blast we always do.
It never fails my boys usually eventually end up at their Aunt’s house to play, which was great I got tan aka BURN, Grrr I miss my dark hair my completion wasn’t so WHITE and yes I used SUNBLOCK, then I spent some time with my pup in the water, which probably made it like ten times worse. Lorne got out of work a tad earlier than normal and we did some stuff around the house to prep for his dad to arrive and before our family trip to Six Flags! Yay!  & that was all before we picked up my friend Katey and saved her from a LONG BIKE RIDE HOME, then we went out with the family to Rafters for some fun and well we closed the bar like always. We didn’t drink much which was fine, I don’t need to drink to hang with my friends we have more fun chatting and sharing stories.

Yay! Sunday it’s here! A little slow in the morning but worth it! Six Flags was super FUN!  That was fun and not much to write about except we’ve got to go back, I want to get photo’s which means TRIP TRIP TRIP! Ha ha ha to bad they don’t do them online, oh well. 

Well it is time for PHOTO’s! Yay! My weekend in photo’s sadly I didn’t take many as most of our trip to Six Flags was spent in the water park, next investment a waterproof phone case so that I can get some amazing pictures. 

Friday Afternoon
Kisses from Max 

Playing with Max (quick break means photo)

Pretty Flowers at Doctors office in Amherst


Fresh Farm Eggs, Bacon, and Home-fries YUMMY
Sun Tanning for a few *Sunblock don’t help me* 

Yeah I’d be a killer model 

beautiful sunny day 

Buzz Buzz Buzz BEE

Cooling of Mrs. Max 🙂 

Hot Air Balloons in Sunderland 

Sunday *Trip to Six Flags*:

Loaded up & ready 
Temp leaving Pelham, Mass
Temp in Six Flags Parking Lot … Woot Woot!
Walking into Six Flags 

Tea Cups! *All of Us on this Ride* Amazing Fun 

Leaving Six Flags

On our way home *Passed Out*
Temp when leaving Six Flags *HOLY HOT*
My 3yr old is super strong he pulled me from the ramp to the swing set! Love him!


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