Beat the Heat

Defeat the threat of Sunburns & Unwanted Itch & Bug Bites!

Sun Burn Methods!
Alright now that it’s getting warmer out we need to take care of the beautiful body we’ve been given.  I’m a fair complexion woman who’s got beautiful red hair that makes me an easy target for getting BURNED in s the sun. 
So we all talk about sunblock that lovely stuff that helps keep the sun off the body and from allowing us to burn in the UV-Rays. I’m a firm believer that anything over SPF 50 doesn’t work! I’ve been burned wearing SPF 50 even with applying it every fifteen minutes after getting wet! So don’t believe the ad’s the try to sell you. 
I am also a FIRM BELIEVER of my AVON Products, I’m in love with the Avon Sunblock plus bug guard since it covers two things in one shot, bugs and sun rays. We sell a amazing blue one that goes on blue but disappears when rubbed in, which is great for the kids that aren’t fond of using sunblock.   

Who HATES those unwanted little red bumps after being bitten by a mosquito?! I know I’m not fond of them, they don’t add to the appealing side. I mean I know I do! So why not use Avon’s SSS Bug Guard, best part is it ranks TOP FIVE and works better than OFF the signature bug spray.

If you’re interested CONTACT ME
I’m currently selling these like HOT CAKES everyone loves them I’ll have
my buyers write something & maybe do photo’s with it 🙂 I’m sure you won’t complain & fall in love with a KID FRIENDLY BuG GuArD


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