What A WEEK!

Thank God It’s Friday!
What a freaking week this has been, let me tell you I wish it didn’t go half the way it did. The only upside is that today’s Friday and that I applied to another job at UMass that’s benefited of course, the odds of me getting it are well one and a clear million. 
So let’s see… What’s gone wrong in this week, well actually A LOT, what’s gone right A LOT, why do I say that cause I know I can’t change what I can change. 
So let’s get to that lovely weekly re-cap that we call life!
Happy Monday Y’all! This gal spent her day visiting a crapper throwing up and making her car her b*tch for the remainder of her morning after drop off, joyful… NOT! Then it was home and rest. Rest is what I did for a couple hours until a twitter notification startled me outta sleep. 
Then it was REST REST REST before I head to pick my children up. 
Then it was a relaxing walk down by puffers to kill time before dad got home. 

Work work work! I’m headed back to work today! Yay! 
Work is always fun busted but from 8:30-4:30 
Then it was get my kids from school and head off to my sister Katies for a fun visit before heading home to meet dad to Grill. But that ended in oven cooking. 

Woot woot woot! another day at work! Yay! 
Work and kids home! Nothing like the same thing over and over again! Nothing excited happened.

Another wonderful day … NOT! Seriously this day was a crapper! Work was fun 8:30-4:30 and then off to get the kids then off to get take out as well WMECo sucks dick and shut us off… yeah we had a moment of now power due to their mistake! Gotta love it! That was fun because it took them till 7:55 pm to fix it and they had it out before I got home, isn’t that LOVELY! 
That was fun because the kids and I well we had take out, then read books, then played with cars and built a tent, that failed because it was more like who can take it down the quickest. 
Must say the highlight of this day was applying for another position at UMass! Wish me luck!

Friday: Well today’s the end of the week and I’m out of work at 12:00 for a meeting then a doctors appointment for my youngest. See you come MONDAY!

Alright I know you’re all dying to see my photo’s!

Spent my day sick and wearing my bikini due to the heat

Puffers Pond ahhh the RAINBOW

Nothing bets moments with your children

Patches the DUCK
Grrr thanks ROAD WORK 

This is what us Country Folks do we teach our kids the fun of the sticks! 

Cuddles at night with my little red! 
Tuesday’s work attire! Gotta keep it professional!

Rainy & sporting UMASS

Casual Blue Jeans and I don’t care! along with cute FLATS

Morning for Pandora, Queen and good music!

A Night with No Lights, Seanie Bear and Me!

again A Night with No Lights, Little Red and Me!

and last but not least A Night with No Lights, Monkey Man and Me!

My Life, My Boys, These are all I need to know that life’s perfect and my world is AMAZING

Alright that’s my week in photo’s!
Hope your week was just as amazing if not better than a working parent’s life! 


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