App Reviews!

Over the past few days on all my social media sites I’ve seen different friends use this application call TIMEHOP which is pretty neat. I’ve downloaded it and use it myself. It’s like a time capsule of all the moments you’ve shared on social media sites between (twitter, facebook, and instagram) you can also connect to other places such as your camera on your phone, dropbox and foursquare, which I’m not conected too.

It’s amazing to see the photo’s that they find years later. It’s part of life that you see and can look at and remember what happened that day, from a status, to a picture to a tweet. Each day the app notifies you when your timehop is ready able to be posted it’s fun. 

Timehop- App is free and it’s fun to see what happened on everyday in the years before. 

My next application I downloaded was WALKER, a free pedometer that tracks your steps. Look it up in you App Store.
Another application I REDOWNLOADED, was Map My Walk.

Map My Walk is an app that records walks, runs, stairs etc. basically work outs. It’s nice when I want to see how much I’ve walked when I take my kids out & where I hike. Saves them too! It’s awesome! I love it!

MapMyWalk- FREE App that can be purchased if you want additional features but is nice cause you can add friends to see what they are doing.

Well those are my two newest apps downloaded within the last two months, keep watch as I’ll start a new monthly app review of one app on my phone till I’ve gone over EVERY application on my phone!


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