Sun-Bathed Sweet Tea
Since growing up I’ve always loved the sweet southern side of my family, we’ve always had a passion for making a killer sweet tea and well here’s my recipe for my version of sweet tea.

What you’ll need:
Jug (Mason Jar)
Spoon (tall of course)
Tea bags
I took a mason jar pitcher that I had bought and used that since it had a self-tap on it. Yeah we use those at our BBQ’s and just when we feel like making mixed drinks or having guests over.

To start:
Add 1 Cup of sugar to pitcher
Then add 16 Cups of water (I used well water)
Stir with spoon until sugar is mixed
Place sliced Lemons in water
Add 1 Cup of ICE
Use 8 Tea Bags with their stings attached and have tabs and sting hanging outside over the lid then place lid on top of pitcher
Place outside in DIRECT SUNLIGHT for 6-8 hours

To taste:
remove one cup of tea and taste to see if more sugar is needed
if more sugar is needed add another CUP (1 Cup of Sugar) and stir well then add 2 cups of ICE to cool drink
If it tastes good then add more ice and serve!

1 Cup Sugar

Mason Jar Pitcher 

Lipton Ice Tea Bags! 

prep work!

Sugar and Water (yum) 

sugar, water, and tea bags ready to be placed in the sun!

*this batch didn’t contain lemons as I had none but I’ll be sure to post some with lemons*

Hope you enjoyed this as much as everyone in my house did!

keep watch I’ll share my raspberry water with you! 

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