What a Weekend! 
Happy Monday! Not! Alright let’s recap this past weekend for all those fun followers and fellow bloggers that stumble across my blog.

Quick recap of
FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014: This was a rushed and chaotic morning from the get go, didn’t help me stayed out WAY to LATE the night before with friends, oops! Bad I, my fault and it was only my fault. So when 07:00 came around I frantically got nervous as we’re supposed to have my son’s dropped off for 08:00 at their preschool to help finish getting the stuff ready for Graduation and the party that would soon happen at my house. Got the children to school by 08:30 then it was off to the carwash to do a good job cleaning and get a carwash for my white beast that was turning yellow, never fails though as soon as it’s washed a bird shits on it… I wonder does that mean good luck?! Then it was off to the house to grab the camera’s and finish getting ready since well I wasn’t ready during drop off cause who wants to be BEAUTIFUL 24/7 I prefer natural to be honest. Then it was back off to the school for the fun of GRADUATION.

Saturday: A day of utter surprise! We had the hub’s home since he called out due to PINK EYE, he and my other two have had it and battled it now I wait and pray that my oldest doesn’t get it and that I don’t get it. That my prayers for Saturday, I missed my brother in laws funeral due to it because I didn’t want to take any chances giving it to anyone else. It was a lazy day around the house the boys played outside with dada which meant yard work was done and I could get lost in my new T.V. Show … DOCTOR WHO like wow who knew. Then it was a trip to the store to get WIC before those checks went and then off to my dad’s to see him for a few then home to grill a wicked steak dinner with all the fixings! YUM! Then it was a trip for the hub’s to bring grub to him. Yum! Then it was relax and bed I was exhausted from not doing much as I’m still trying to catch up from May 21 and all those other crazy events.

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Woot woot! Yay it’s the last day of the weekend… said no one it’s more like oh dear back to reality. For me it involved many trips outside to play with the kids, then nap time and lunch before heading out for some fun in and around town. First it was a trip to Puffers that was a BUST, then it was a trip to Misty’s parents house to see here then it was off to Sunderland to hang down by the RIVER to throw some rocks, NO ONE WENT IN THE WATER unless you wanted to end up over the Holyoke dam the current was strong and the water was rising. It was fun then it was back to the store cause I was missing some key things as dada got distracted with the boys while I ran around doing WIC shopping, never the less everything gets completed in this house even if it takes a billion times. Then it was home to play again outside after putting everything away before we decided to cook dinner. That was always a blast and well it’s always fun to have helpers when they listen. After which during the cooking period Little Red got hurt at the hands of Monkey Man by accident of course playing tag inside and causing a rough tag to face plant the ground, but Mum to the rescue with the magic hug, cool paper towel and freeze pop to help then it was dinner, bath and bed. This mum was tired and dada was coming home soon so that helped. 


Friday: Recap Photo’s

Saturday’s Fun: 


Sexy Selfie

FML seriously why me!

Yeah baby! I’ll snap this temp any day!

CT River

Grandam & Connor

Me & Kayden

We matched and not on purpose


Connor & Sean throwing rocks

my boys being boys!

beautiful view

this might be my new spot to chill

the views and things you can see

thanks Mr. Sun 

Wagon Rides

yeah I’d rather be a kid with them


nothing beats this

boo boo split lip

busted upper gums 😦 


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