Oh My … Graduation!!!!

Amherst PCDC Graduation 

Congratulations Class of 2014 of the Amherst PCDC Community Action Preschool, you’ve done it! You’ve graduated Pre-K and are ready for your next step this coming fall. Today was a wonderful moment in not just my life as a person, or as a parent but in my son’s eyes for it was his time to sign in his spotlight for all his hard work over the last year. He was one of sixteen fellow classmates that graduated Pre-Kindergarten grade level. I’m such a sap for these things. The Amherst PCDC Community Action Preschool was hosting an end of the year celebration along with a lovely graduation ceremony. I was one of two photographers that was working that day the other being my mother and her newly reformed business M.Fuller Photography. The graduation took place a little after 11:30 do to some minor hold ups that lead to my husband missing almost 3/4ths of it because no one can keep to what they say, very unorganized which made it hard to get pictures done since they had the graduates in between the two classes. Oh well next year I’ll make sure my mother and I have better access to students and teachers. A little more planning and a lot more fun that’s about all that was needed.
Once we got some getting ready photos of the children it was get them all lined up which meant moving students into one classroom, but that was easier said than done, with that said next year we’ll do much better. Then it was walking out with the graduates, yay! Congrats! You did it! Wicked proud! Then catching them as they march on to their seats in front of their family and friends. It was really cute and perfect for them. Next year my cousin will be in the graduating class… ahhh can’t believe it then the year after that my monkey man, time is flying bye.
Once the ceremony got started that’s when everything became a blur, as I was focusing on taking pictures, my family members helped watched the other two boys along with the other staff members too. After the ceremony the school held a HUGE LUNCH for the families of the children as an end of the year celebration. It was our first and we as parents even got a reward. Yay! 

Then it was a MAGIC SHOW that well wasn’t the funniest but it was cute. & I am sure you’re dying to see some photo’s so get ready here they come!


The Graduate
What a HAM

what an expression

again with expressions priceless 

receiving his award/diploma

Graduating Class 
getting ready
our silly moment this was a work in progress 
ha ha ha his expression 
they had fun that’s all that matters 
walking out 
sorry these aren’t in order but this is him walking out

walking up to get his award / diploma
another shot of him receiving it 
Sean’s Grad Bud’s

the families 
Connor & Logan

there are a ton more photo’s sorry it was a day to take photos!


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