Quick Week!
Wow, this week has flown by, seriously! I mean its THURSDAY and it’s already my last day of the work week! Woot another three day weekend! Can’t believe that tomorrow my baby graduates PRESCHOOL! Ahhhh he’s 5 and already graduating. I shall stop before I cry.

Let’s recap this lovely week!
Monday:was a holiday and is well included in my weekend recap!

Tuesday: Work 8:30-4:30 the normal shift but this one had a twist … chatted via text with some amazing friends who are serving our Country and could not be more honored to have them in my life.
Wednesday (HUMP DAY): Work was fun, 8:30-3:30 since I had to order Sean’s cake that I completely FORGOT about… shame on me! Yikes! Ordered and shall be ready by Graduation party at home! Yay! Then it was a quick visit to my buddy George’s house and boy his pup loved me… and well it was fun def. worth the trip. Then it was off to get my babies from school. Today was laid back and carefree and well much cooler which made it a lot easier for me to say we’re taking it EASY.

Thursday: TODAY! Wow nothing like the normal shift and getting my kids then hoping they go to bed on time for our BUSY & crazy day tomorrow!
Friday: GRADUATION DAY! This was a day were we rushed, rushed, rushed, from wake up, to get dressed, to drop off to everything before the Graduation Ceremony at the preschool to the party afterwards at our house, the rain held off all day until we got home to our house then it was a downpour! Oh well it was fun and Sean was happy!
Now for the pictures! 

rough tuesday morning 

Tuesday Pick Up  
Hi Donnie

Silly US


Wednesday Dress *gotta keep warm*

add me BellaWhiskey289

afternoon pick up *love them*

neighbors kitties trying to break into my house


CUDDLES with my Guardian 

Beautiful Flowers *Umass* No Edit, No Filter, Just a Photo name stamp!

Thursday Selfie! Hottie in a sundress!

stressing over everything! Yikes!

these boys are my world they are my life!


Katey & Dave & Myself *Ladies Night*

Katey, Bruce, & Myself *Ladies Night*

I love hanging out with her *Irish Elf* She’s the best!

she can make any day perfect 🙂 

I swear we’re not drunk but this is how we ended the night 

HOME at 2am after LADIES NIGHT at THE O’s!

eating breakfast at school Friday day of GRADUATION!

Nikon Camera’s READY!




silly but we love him

Happy & Nervous 

Dressed up, shoes off and Photography camera in hand! 


RAINBOW *this was the night we said our last goodbyes to Donnie*

Congratulations Class of 2014

what an expression

he had the loudest crowd 


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