What A Weekend! 3.5 Day’s to be exact!

What a Weekend!

Friday: My weekend started promptly at 11:00 am since my middle son was on watch as he manifested the lovely PINK EYE epidemic that hit their school this past week, obviously the school can’t seem to contain and kill the germs that quickly spread. Then it was off to running around and then taking the kids to the fair then home to get them in bed since we’d have a big day the following day too! 

Saturday: The morning of pure Chaos that made me question EVERYTHING I was doing from but either way the party was amazing and kicked off right, the rain held off till after everyone left and the sun made the day amazing. I def. enjoyed Saturday night when I got to rest it was much needed. 

Sunday: A day of pure randomness, first we decided to play outside while Kayden napped then once he was up we decided to take the pup for a ride just because we could, then it was home to grill some grub since it was too beautiful not too, minus the insta downpour that happened for a few moments. 

MONDAY: Memorial Day!
 Well let’s see it was up early and off to Amherst we went then got stuck watching that parade which wasn’t bad we got their in time for my niece and nephew, then we tried to get to South Deerfield but we missed it next year it will be better… then it was home and ready set watch rain and hang out until dad got home which just happened to be two hours earlier than we thought. New Boss, New Rules I kinda like that…

Now it’s time for the PICTURES!


Co-Workers … yeah yeah yeah we end up 

Outta Work! 

I parked in a TREE 

doctors appointment for my monkey man

Sisters the day of the sad news 

sisterly love all the way!

he he he I sneaky!

helping dad get the table ready for the weekend

Studying… that didn’t work to well between texts and phone calls

Donnie I’m still so pissed at you! But thank you for showing me you got to HEAVEN


Holding On FOR DEAR LIFE! Idk this never is comforting

a better picture of us on Friday

FLASHBACK (April 2013)
Donnie, Misty & Myself
RIP Donnie I miss your stupid ass


Double Rainbow!



good day to sunbath

ugh I need to eat!

country kitty


taking the pup for a ride

Amherst Parade *2014*

nephews on the tractor


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