Memorial Weekend BBQ & Surprise Birthday Party!

Memorial Weekend BBQ & Surprise Birthday Party

Wow it’s already Memorial Weekend! I must shout out to the ones who’ve made this happen. Thank You for All Your Service!
So this lovely weekend we decided to gather the family together to have our annual Memorial Day BBQ but that’s usually the cover to something more wonderful, and no we don’t just use Memorial Day for a national day off and BBQ Day. I have had many family members serve and some haven’t come home and some have in ways no one would understand, so please don’t assume that’s what we do.
We secretly three main families planned and co-conspired a wonderful BIRTHDAY party for my mother in law the woman that keeps everyone sane and grounded.

So the best way to share this crazy, hectic and fun day is with photos! So look below!


unsure of what she was doing but couldn’t resist the picture!

THE GRILL MASTERS … I couldn’t work with my grill it was eating the food 😦 

Pete and his wife … ha ha ha 


we made her young again!


us we’re weird

can i help you mr. kitty

riding hood style … yeah we are weird 



WOW what a sight!

yes this is what my family does




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