Amherst Fair 2014!

Amherst Fair 2014

Well it’s Friday and it’s towards the end of May and y’all should know what that means, THE FAIR is in TOWN! Woot woot! Can’t wait! Of course it rains out and closes early on the one night we choose to go but it was fun never the less. So let’s talk about the GOOD of the Fair instead of the BAD.

So we spend $25.00 for 30 tickets which was completely worth it and thank you to the mother & daughter duo that gave us their left over tickets (another free 10 tickets) SCORE! Always pay to be nice and pay it forward when you can. So we choose rides to go on and well we let the boys choose since it’s THEIR NIGHT! First ride of the night… the Spinning Pumpkins and every time it never fails Connor turns every shade of green from spinning so darn fast. Second ride of the night just happened to be the SLIDE! They had a GIANT slide that was a hit in our family and with everyone that went. Third was the SCRAMBLER yet they pissed me off because in May of 2013 Connor was able to ride the scrambler and then in the fall of 2013 he wasn’t and then again this year he wasn’t I mean really the kid would be fine he’s a trooper. Oh well we took him on his special ride later. We took the whole family on the Ferris wheel and well I turned every shade of green you could possibly turn. Then it was off to the merry go round and well that was a BLAST. Then as the rain picked up it was time to run for cover and within a matter of minutes the FAIR was shut down for the night, and when they shut down they shut down QUICK,.

Mother & Daughter

Spinning Pumpkins

The Slide!



& She Wins!


Scrambler Fun!




IDK you can see I’m holding on for dear life!

wet photographer 

Daddy & Kayden

Connor & Mum 

Add caption

Me & Kia & Connor 
Side Saddle on the Merry Go Round


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