Weekly Wrap-Up

I’m so thrilled this week is OVER! I’ve honestly never wanted a week to end after A ROUGH Monday which you’ve only heard some of and then a ROUGH remainder of the week!

Monday:  A day of no work since my youngest was out of school before I even made it to the work doors, but you already knew about that… so my day was spent curled up with my sickling before having to get the bigger babies. Then it was home at the same time daddy got home to help with the kids and myself head to bed cause I wasn’t feeling great at all migraine and trying to plan my mother in laws birthday party without her finding out. 

Tuesday: Worked a short shift 8:30-3:00 one cause my sitter could only watch my youngest till then and second because I had a 5:30 in Springfield for some work on my SUV. Then it was off to Lowel’s to pick up some chairs that my sister in law couldn’t  fit in her car, that was a blast trying to get them in my SUV with the kids stroller, Grrrr… but I did it! Then it was off to the store then home to relax and get ready for a FUN DAY.  

~Happy Anniversary~
Wow! 3 Years Married! Well that’s a blog entry for itself!

Wednesday started like any other normal day when the babies got dropped off to school except Sean because he had a special visit at his new school that he starts in September which was great though really made no sense at all. Then it was time to drop him off at preschool then clean out the SUV in preparation for tonight and all the fun we’d encounter along the way. Then it was off to get the rest of us ready for fun before getting our babies from school. Then we loaded up and headed off to BOSTON for the Red Sox game my husband got tickets for. 
That GAME WAS AMAZING even if we lost! My first real in person game! Woot Woot I’m going to go again, when I’m unsure… maybe next year since I get preferred tickets thanks to deals and steals I watch out for. 

Wow another day that was well interesting…. My son wasn’t feeling hot so I was required to leave early after five hours. *My youngest is fighting DOUBLE Pink Eye, Asthma he’ll of course have that for as long as his body wants and then eczema.* Then home to rest and EARLY BED!



Today wasn’t a day I’d have pictured at all, got up to find out that my monkey man had received his youngest brothers PINK EYE in BOTH eyes! OMG can’t catch a break and worst part is he’s even got asthma again. So besides being late to work I had to leave early to take my son to the doctors to get medication for his well already known diagnose, joyful right. Then it was home to relax and keep him calm before a teacher meeting at my son’s school. After we headed off to get some things for a special event tomorrow before meeting up with my husband’s sister to get some things that we needed at Lowel’s. Then it was off to get my mother as we were off to the Amherst Fair. 

On top of all that … I got a text message from MaDuke’s stating I needed to call her ASAP which I did and it went to voicemail so I texted her and then she called me to explain we lost my soon to be brother in law. My sister lost her fiance and my nephew lost his father. Sad day for us. 

Well I’ll see you come TUESDAY since this weekend became a four day weekend instead of a three day!



Sleeping after a rough day!

Giving my mom her mother’s day gift

Cuddles with blacky!

Man Crush Monday

mornings loading up

Thumbs up! Lunch for the buddy! 

Little Red chilling with mum! 

watching daddy’s iPad in daddy’s SUV at Balise

Highway travels … as I get a phone call about a item that exploded all over my son! Grrr those lovely yogurt things are deadly

who’s that sexy man driving next to me!

all clean and in his new t-shit thanks to an amazing coworker… yeah my co-workers are so amazing and get stuff for other co-workers 🙂 
Sad little red!


3 Years Married & WOOT WOOT  dropping our babies off to school! 
on our way to the game! 

made it to FENWAY!


My guys! They are my life!

SELFIE now unskilled drivers need not try! ha ha ha 


SELFIE *Thursday work attire*


FACETIME with daddy!

cuddles with mum!


I match with my Co-Worker and we didn’t even try!

always a good day when you got buddy’s to check in on ya!

sitting at the doctors with my monkey man

kisses for sissy!


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