Married 3 Years!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Wow, can’t believe it’s been three amazing and wonderful years. I’ve been married for 3 years, it’s still shocking to say. The biggest shocker was my friend getting married yesterday… WOW! Didn’t catch that at all… but congratulations you two … very happy. Guess my wedding date is very popular. My wedding day anniversary well was honestly BUSY, from the moment we got up we were on the go… with literally no break in between anything.

First things first we get up and get motivated… sluggish start but that’s okay kids dropped off on time which was the main thing, then Sean had a visit at his NEW SCHOOL that he will attend come September! OMG this is so surreal I can’t believe it’s actually happening… he’s off to Kindergarten in the fall… my hubby makes fun cause I cry … he’s gonna be a baby too and cry himself … I know it! Then it was drop him off, clean out the SUV and wash her since omg pollen YUCK! White truck yellow! BARF! Then it was home to finish getting ready before we headed off to get the kids and drop them off with the sitter so we could head to BOSTON! To see the Boston Red Sox take on the Blue Jays!
Now for some pictures!

My Sign *Happy Anniversary Babe!*
3 Amazing Years!

My gifts for our Anniversary! Spoiled wife I am Alex & Ani, Red Sox Tickets, and a new MUG!

Alex & Ani *love this jewelry*

ahhh Facebook you remembered! So sweet! Thanks Social Media!
On our way!

Tickets! Grandstand 28, 18, 8-6 omg amazing seats!
We Made It to FENWAY PARK!
Finally in our seats!
Stole a kiss! 
You can’t tell me I didn’t pick out great seats! I mean these are awesome… you stay dry during rain, cool during heat… what more could you ask for?!

May 21
Fenway Park
Boston Red Sox HOME PLACE!

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