What a WeeKend!

Saturday: Wow my morning was filled with helping the boys clean up their messy rooms, followed by finding a sitter for Sean and Connor since Kayden had a birthday party attend. That was easier than I thought which amazed me. I didn’t have to drop the older boys off since their Aunt came to get them since we were running late since I had to run to the store before heading off to the Birthday Party for Kayden. That was a blast I saw friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and Kayden was a little flirt and kissed the birthday girl on the lips. Then it was me and the babies heading off to the store to get dinner basically everything for the grill since I wanted a less mess dinner. But shortly after I got home and unloaded everything my sister texted asking if she could claim my oldest for the night and I was down I just had to ask my Hub’s before sending since we had plans the next morning. So then it was pack a bag for my oldest and send him off to his Aunts where Monkey Man got a scrap from falling down while running 😦 my poor baby but he was good when Aunty fixed him all up. Then it was home to grill and relax. 

Sunday: Up and off we go practically. It was get up get the boys together, jump in the shower let the hub’s drop off the baby to his Mom’s house for some fun then we can finish loading the fishing gear and head off to Amherst to get Sean from my sisters house to well go FISHING. That was a blast and very fun. 

Sean didn’t catch any fish but he did notice a huge frog but he also had more fun throwing mud and playing in the water. 
Connor caught a fish and it was the only keeper too! Too bad we lost it in transport, oh well it was more of catch and show for him it was pickerel so those are more bone than meat so yeah it was okay no heartache on us fish lovers up on the hill. 
Lorne caught two catfish and well they weren’t the length to keep either. That’s okay we had fun and the kids all over the playground and park having a blast with what we were catching. 
I caught a catfish myself but it wasn’t big enough to keep but it was fun either way. 

Then we loaded up and headed off to Chicopee after dropping off the fish and worms so they wouldn’t die and well stink up the SUV. Once in Chicopee we had some fun bickering that lead to much laughter and my sister and myself well being goofballs and attempting to race in office chairs. We spent a little more than we planned but I’m good for a few months on certain things! YES! Score BJ’s especially since it gets pricey at Walmart & grocery stores. 

Then it was off to drop my sister and her son off and home to get our youngest and unload and grill some grub and well that lead to me next door shooting .22 and a 12 guage shotgun. Then it was off to The O’s in Sunderland to celebrate my co-worker’s birthday! Happy Birthday Georgy! I love ya buddy! Couldn’t have asked for a better friend. 
EXTRA DAY MONDAY (Unwanted & Unplanned) SICK SON:  Well I was up and ready to go busted my butt getting myself and everyone ready with the help of my husband who went a different route thankful since there was a shut down on the way in since a TRASH TRUCK EXPLODED, (click the highlight section). I dropped the babies off at school my son’s eyes were just red not bad just red… then by the time I’d left and gotten to work parked and practically headed up to the walkway I got a call and it was my son’s classroom, I’m usually to the office on Monday’s before my bosses because I get there earlier than they do. So it was a call to my son’s doctors office and then it was off to get him after contacting my bosses via e-mail. Got my son and when getting him they bumped my 8:45 to 9:45 and well what should have been 15 minutes turned out to be 1 hour and 15 minutes cause Kayden freaked and had an asthma attack requiring o2 check and treatment and wound up on ton’s of medication for Asthma, Eczema, and well Double Pink Eye infection… my poor baby. He’s a trooper though and is currently 28 lbs and 14 ozs he’s a beast. Then it was wait and a half for his medication one for home and one for school since he can return Wednesday! Yay! Then it was home for the rest of the day and me taking the day off since I’m on watch myself since I’d been in contact with the infection and informing my hubby who was cleaning his eye this am… Joyful! Just what we need before all the fun stuff this weekend. Waaaaa! 

So well that’s happened wanna see the pictures… those give more to the story?!



Saturday Selfie 
70 Degree’s ALL TAKE IT 
too cute 🙂 
I know I got stalkers that wish the could be as true as me! :p 
Little Man 🙂 SLIDE 
Soccer Ball 🙂 he’s such an athlete 
Birthday Girl with Mom & Dad 
Watching the fun 🙂 
Kisses for the Birthday Girl 🙂 TOO CUTE!
L.E. Purpose & Myself 🙂 
TOO CUTE *Soccer Star*
it got warmer and I loved it 🙂 

At my sisters chilling with Max 
:p yeah that’s right… 
kisses for mumma in the sun 
Everyone tries to be me … no one can achieve me!  
Grill Master 



loaded up 

HUSBAND & WIFE *Cabela’s* 
I LOVE THIS PICTURE * Father & Son *
setting up their poles 🙂 too cute!
Sean’s discover! 
Connor with Daddy working on his fishing pole
Sean got himself 
practice swing
casting out with daddy 
the boys 


photo credit: L.Hatt Photography 
photo credit: L.Hatt Photography 
photo credit: L.Hatt Photography 
photo credit: L.Hatt Photography 
1st Catch… 
ha ha ha I got to hold it so he could get the tools out 
buh bye fishy 

Connor’s catch he wouldn’t touch it or do anything with it but show it off


BJs fun! 

Shot Gun Shell *My Prize* 

Me & The Birthday Boy!
Kate & Myself 
Pete & Myself 

George’s Gals 
Sara & Myself 
George & his Irish Women!

Sam & Myself 

Mr. Sickling 
Mum and Son 

Kayden’s WEIGHT 28lbs 1.4 ozs 

happy even when in pain … he’s a trooper 


Well this was my weekend … the fact that it was extended saddens me but also shows that I’ll do anything for my children… My life is for them, everything I do is for them from working and raising them. I love my babies. Happy Monday Y’all!


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