Weekly Wrap-Up

I’m so happy this week is OVER!

It’s just been one thing after the other but honestly it never let me down I was able to overcome ALL that was thrown at me.

Monday: Work work work the normal shift, got to work on time too! After work it was get the kids run to the store and head home for some BRUINS! We had our family up and they watched WWE Raw downstairs, I had made paperwork to do thanks to a few things. But that’s alright I’ve got extended time and well it’s good to know I can crunch on all the deadlines.

Tuesday: Appointment was bailed on and frustrated me a little since it was a day off so I did what else I needed to do dealt with Apple because my iPhone was dropping calls and Verizon swapped my SIM Card thinking it was that and apparently my phone just didn’t want it. Waaaa so four hours on the phone with Apple tech people and a appointment was set up. But before the Apple frustration it was fishing down at Puffers with my academic support teacher from high school PK, yeah we still hang and chill. Got my babies then it was off to grab dinner from the store and head to bed since it was back to the regular grind.

Wednesday: Drop the kids off and head to work. Pick up kids and head to the store to get dinner then home for some BRUINS GAME 7 which was a loss because it was just UGH I don’t even want to recap that game. I was very saddened with it but I’ll always be a BRUINS FAN till the day I die.

Thursday: again the same routine … bring kids to school and myself to work and work the day away… and well this ends my work week but it was okay I bust my rear so hard I worked through my lunch to feel like I had gotten no where. Sad really sad.

FRIDAY: Meeting shortly after drop off that lasted a couple hours then it was off with my buddy PK to hit up the shooting range while the Hub’s went home to clean and do some stuff around the house then head off to mop for someone he’s been doing this for, like EVER! I even got my first soft serve of the year! Woot Woot! Then it was sync the phone and head off to get the kids and make it to Holyoke to meet my third appointment of the day. YIKES I was busy! Then home to relax!

Now for the best part of my week! PHOTO’s!


Myself & the Hubby
Cousin Bryan & his Girl 
Cousin Ange


yeah that’s just me!
Lose myself to nature around me 
again… I dunnow which picture looks better!
this is where I live … it’s farm land everywhere & I am okay with that!
TRACTOR … yeah I don’t mind getting stuck behind them!


Dress for success! 
cuteness achieved while staying professional!
W.E.B. Du Bois Falcons *Kisses*
Stoneyfield Yogart 
his new favorite snack and I’m okay with that!
We’re ready!


decided to braid my hair
body shot!
I’m okay with this!
Cat Issues! Grrrr

Cuddles for my little man!
Son of Anarchy *Casual Friday*
at the range!

Well that was my week … short and sweet! Happy Weekend Y’all!


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