UMass Amherst has guests!

UMass Amherst W.E.B De Bois Library has guests, guests of the flying kind.

First Hatch May 6th

Second Hatch May 7th 
Third Hatch May 10th 
Forth Hatch- is not going to happen for the egg has appared to have not been fertilized. 
I’m sad to share that on May 15th if I’m doing this math correct baby number three passed away and we are only left with two baby falcons. If you’d like to watch these beauty’s click the link below and check it out it’s really something amazing!
W.E.B Du Bois Falcons!

Some pictures … of the falcons… ENJOY!

Daddy Falcon bring some food

the babies are hungry  
birdy kisses 

I love this photo… yeah photography it runs in the blood 

Back when they were EGGS 🙂 

hatching process 🙂 

birds have taken over the office home front 


All before mother’s day 2014! Something so beautiful!

protecting her babies 

My Second favorite photo 🙂 


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