My Journey *Keeping Fit*

Now after three son’s and working full time where I spend most my time sitting at a desk, I worry about my figure. I was ALWAYS picked on for my figure and just in general, mainly because I was different. I wasn’t a girly girl and I well clearly wasn’t a boy, but did what the boys did and could dress like the girls and my preferred way to dress and be was the redneck laid back hick that I was raised. 
In middle school and high school I weighed at most 100 pounds. I was an all natural redhead, which of course didn’t help at all but that was okay I had my ways of dealing with issues. 
So now that I’m 25 I have realized I won’t always have my skinny lengthy body this perfect forever and that I’ll actually have to start working for what I consider perfect. I’m not perfect so my body will never be perfect and I’m fine with that so I’ve decided that eating healthy and working out to keep fit are my goals. Plus keeping fit and eating healthy are good things to pass forward to my children. 

So after my third kid I weighed about 158 lbs and well looked to what I thought was my WORST, I hated the fact that I still looked about 6 months pregnant it was discouraging and heartbreaking to think I’d lost my bikini model body, well to be honest I really didn’t lose it I just had to work back for it. 
So here are pictures of my progress … some call it transformation I call it dedication. 
One Day after giving birth to my third child. I weighed 158 lbs.
Same First Day after giving birth to my third son when I weighed 158 lbs, I still looked about 6/7 months pregnant.
Me January 6th of 2013 {6 weeks postpartum when I weighed 128 lbs)  

At my six weeks postpartum visit I was impressed and feeling pretty good, I mean I wasn’t overweight and I didn’t look pregnant or well like I was ready to pop or very much close to popping. I attempted to do some workouts with a person I used to associate with and well it was fun and exciting to get silly reminders and to see how well each of us was doing. I finished all of those tasks at hand and kept the sheets for future months to try to work them in to my life, well my head and body had other plans and I started walking and working out a little more and side tracking myself from the 30 days challenges.

TODAY *5.13.2014* I am a 107 lbs and am in a size 1 pair of jeans which isn’t far from what I was in high school. 

front view same day … stomach is a little bit more toned and flat my goal is to have it back for swimsuit season… it’s coming up!

So as a 25 year old mother, mum and mum-ma to three very amazing little boys. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SKINNY, I mean really skinny but my doctors never seemed to mind because I was always healthy and never hit a dangerous unhealthy weight yet many people thought it.
I got pregnant with my first child in 2008 and I was only 18 years old, I was YOUNG. I only weighed on a good day 110 lbs and on a bad day 105 lbs. But by the time I hit full term I was 168 lbs! Of course it was ALL BABY & water retention. Which I lost of course but it took time, I wasn’t motivated like I am now after three sons. I work full time and now that the weather is better I’m off and doing more outdoor events with my kids which is nice since they love the outdoors. So keep watch I’ll be sure to get back into my blogging like before after a few incidents that had me rethinking, so here’s my update keep watch I’m currently working on setting up four thirty day plank challenges.


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