Weekend Re-Hash (Mother’s Day Included)

What a weekend! Mine started Friday, and well it was awesome minus my very concerned moment when things came to light. OMG seriously! Whatever not gonna dwell on it just learn that I’ll always have a fan club of people with insecurities and issues. Welcome to my life I guess… right, oh well I’m happy where I am.

  I took the day off since UMass was closing at 12 noon and I had a 10 am appointment that went from starting in Northampton and ending up in Greenfield and I was okay with that. Then it was off an fishing time with my husband some much needed Husband and Wife time then we went to lunch and headed off to get our kids. Durning lunch I got a text from Michael’s Arts & Crafts for 15% off my total purchase SOLD!

Friday Evening:
  It was a low key night with the boys, we didn’t have much planned and I was thankful for it too!

  We all go up when my husband did, my kids all three of them went off to their Grammies and Aunties which was awesome cause it gave me time to use my Michael’s coupon and finish stuff for Mother’s Day. Got home just in time to have everything unloaded and almost completely put away. Of course the best part was that little man was really tired and ready for a nap, helpful since I wanted to do the first art project with the kids (paint bird houses) which was awesome and the came out great, we even did big PICTUREs too! Then it was lunch time and tubby’s since they were COVERED in marker and paint which is fine it stayed off my kids cloths and table and chairs so that was the plus. So we got little man up once all that stuff was picked up, yay! Another successful moment in my day, shortly after we decided that a WALK would be nice and since Grammie wasn’t feeling good we’d surprise her and bring her the mail she’d received. She loved it! The kids did too, they got to see the people who own horses and chat with them and hey even got them summer jobs when the are older too! Gotta love small rural country communities, I might even see about getting them rides out there sometime since they love to stop and see the horses. I don’t mind I love watching them too! Best part to our walk was we got inside RIGHT BEFORE THE DOWN POUR! Dang it was refreshing though. Then once the hubby got home I was off to watch the Bruins down at my place of hang… The O’s out in sunderland with my coworker who just happens to be da bomb when it comes to playing pool, yeah I total lost but it was totally worth the fun! Can’t wait to do it again! Woot Woot!

My morning was nice we did the last arts & craft gift with dada before he went off to work then had breakfast then contacted my mother to see if she’d accompany us on our adventure to Mt. Sugarloaf, which she gladly accepted and that was a blast with a few minor flaws but hey we handled. Then we headed home were we rested some to find out my sister my son’s godmother was heading over! That was the best surprise EVER! Then we had a small BBQ and well we called it a night around 9:30 since we ALL were TIRED. So that’s how my day went and well I loved it.

Now let’s get to the showing of the day via my view:
Photo’s of each day!
Fishing with the Hubby

Ain’t nothing better in life than fishing

yeah that’s right I using two poles

another selfie


my son’s new favorite item


we took a dip he wasn’t for it

Right after we got settled in within Five minutes after walking through the door

CoWorkers ^ Always gonna be Friends^

Sunday { Mother’s Day }

Happy Mother’s Day to all those Amazing Mother’s Out there

from Kayden

From Sean

Sunday Selfie * Mother’s Day little black dress *

My Mom, my insperation, my role model! Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Us up at Mt. Sugarloaf

The Reason I’m a Mumma & Mother these boys right there!

My mom a world class Grandma

felt like adding some color

Surprise visit from my sister!

My Mother’s Day!

Well that’s my life, that was just this past weekend, can’t wait to see what this weekend brings!


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