A Walk Down Memory Lane

Join me in my walk down memory lane through my pregnancy’s for each of my son’s. 
The Life of which is Sean, Connor & Kayden threw my eyes!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sean Christian: Wow the day I found out I was pregnant was a day of complete shock and the phrase “Honey I think we have a problem” fell out of my mouth and yes bah hahaha those were my exact words before I ventured off to my basketball game… where I kept it a complete secret cause there was no way I was giving up playing my sport as I didn’t really believe that EPT… so I called around attempting to find an OB-GYN office near me until my girlfriend Misty told me about WomanCare OB-GYN in Hadley… and well told me to see Dr. Patton and well he’s been my OB-GYN since. My pregnancy was like any normal pregnancy as my first I had a billion questions and a crap ton of concerns. I didn’t really show until 5/6 months into my pregnancy but could start feeling weird motion around 4/5 months because I was so tiny. So as I slept most of this first pregnancy away as I had nothing to do besides watch my belly grow, feed myself, sleep and take care of my pets I attempted to keep busy with planning a baby shower that I was late for because being pregnant you tend to pee seriously like every FIVE MINUTES no freaking lie …. On 9/09/2008 I had complained to the doctors that I wasn’t getting ANY sleep anymore as my little bundle of joy had decided that my sciatic nerve was the best place to stretch out and kick and punch… so I was in constant pain no matter WHAT I DID. I saw the doctor on 9/10/2008 when they gave me a safe sleeping medication that was to be taken after a hearty meal because I just wasn’t eating and well it would have WORKED if my husbands FAMILY wasn’t rude and didn’t try to bug a pregnant woman and HONK THEIR horn when I didn’t answer a door. Seriously was very upsetting because that night I found myself crying because I hadn’t slept in three days and was in so much pain I was ready to give up and was only 4 days away from my due date… I was about 3 cm dilated at my last appointment and 50/75% effaced so it was roughly any day… so eventually I called my OB-GYN office who was surprised to hear from me as they thought I’d clearly sleep into the next day as the pill was to put me on my butt and let me get a good 24 hours sleep or at least 18 hours… yet I was brought to the hospital and was in EARLY LABOR apparently I was so stressed that I was actually having some contractions … thanks to the stressors… so I was soon hooked up to monitors and granted another night of sleeplessness as for every move I’d either unhook or move the monitor which was bad… by 7 am they came in and said I was 5 cm and 100% effaced and they would be back to BREAK MY WATER, let me tell you that was the WEIRDEST FEELING EVER! So I make it to about 6 cm after they broke my water and hooked me up to a drug to jump start my small contractions which was really kicking in as I was dropping F bombs and demanding a C-Section because of the pain and well my Aunt Ryan can testify to that as I almost broke her wrist of course not on purpose I was in pain and she thought she could take it. I finally got an epidural and man that was awesome I felt like wonder woman and well eventually passed out with a room full of guests but they all said it was for the better. And around 3 I was checked for the normal check and well at that point I was 10 cm dilated and was ready to start pushing… and well we pushed for a total of 15 minutes after they got set up and he was out in 5 pushes and ripped me so I got some stitches for a minor rip but they were impressed that he was out so soon and he was here at 3:31 pm weighing 8 lbs 4 1/4 ozs at 21 1/2 inches long and had a HUGE head cause I do recall the words spoken by the nurse in the room working on my baby “AM I DOING THIS RIGHT” I can say I don’t care how much pain and loopy medication they put you on you will sit straight up and go WHAT… everyone in the room looked and we where pleased to hear it was just because they were measuring his head. Though the highlight of that was my husband cutting the umbilical cord and well almost being covered in placenta as for it basically slide right out after the baby as they were so close together I was monitored for that and well it hit the floor and it looked like a blood bath and that someone was killed sucks for my husbands new shoes though. And from then on we’ve had this cute little boy who’s kept us constantly on our toes. AKA my Seanie Bear!  
Connor Logan: I found out in May of 2010 which was a complete shocker to me and my boyfriend at the time as we weren’t really expecting nor trying at the time. Connor was due at the start of February the 5th to be exact and I was excited to have a due date in the same month as my birthday. But this little guy had plans of his own and from then on out he pretty much does everything to the beat of his own. He’s a very independent boy. The morning of his birth was well priceless as it was a MONTH early and well I seriously thought I pissed myself later to come find out my WATER BROKE… uh oh! I screamed for my fiance at the time *my now husband* and well asked him to call my OBGYN office cause I wasn’t in any mood yet they still had to speak to me, yet I was dealing with cramps that were actual contractions. Boo but Yay!
I had a 10 something am appointment … yes they made me wait, that was the soonest I could be seen, as my lovely fiance prepped the SUV for our travels he covered the seat in a TRASH BAG for lawn work and a towel for me to sit on since I complained of the urge to constantly pee. Yes pee, get over it… it happens when women are in labor. AS we waiting in the waiting room I was taken back and they did the exam and I was asked how soon I could get to the hospital, I was like huh, then my doctor sputtered… If that wasn’t our water breaking I don’t know what it is, your water broke and your in active labor, I asked i I had time to get the paperwork at home and pack a quick bag since I thought I had time and was reassured I did. So this gal went home packed a bag, got in the shower and got ready I felt so NASTY from the water breaking that I needed to clean up. If you’ve ever had a child you’d understand if not I’m sorry you’ll learn. Once arriving I had to arrive via Emergency Entrance and be brought up and they wouldn’t let me WALK … Grrr… got in the room and was hooked up to monitors… This is where battles arose with insecurities ignorant people and were people were asked to be removed causing me to blackout and be put on Oxygen. Sortly after being woken up around 8:40 and being told we’d be pushing that boy was out shortly after the medication was placed. Ha ha ha that boy was out at 9:09pm weighing in at 5 lbs 13.5 ozs and 20 inches long my tall little guy became a PEANUT in my arms. During his delivery we had to have pedatric doctors on call incase heaven for bid something happened, besides the distress thanks to a few select people that aren’t in my life or my families lives for that matter.
Kayden Lucas: This little man decided to share he’d welcome us in April 2012, when we found out on April 1st and nope it wasn’t no April fools joke either. That’s when I just knew something was different, but okay too. It was another hard pregnancy but worth it. This little guy had some interesting moments…I complained for a week prior to his delevery that both he and I were ready yet my body said I wasn’t anything but three cm dialeted. On November 30 I walked into the ER demanding treatement since I knew something wasn’t right there was LACK of fetal movement, and with that can cause issues. Low and behold a ew hours of bitcing at doctors I was 4 cm dialeted and they debating on sending me home and stick it out till the first week of december which I fought with all the power that I had. The broke my water and prepped me after finally saying yes and called for a pedatric doctor to be brought on and my heart sank, I then questioned the staff and doctor and was informed my son was beyond ready he’d already passed his first poop and could possibly sticky lungs thanks to their lack of concern. Labor was great got an epidural and it ulitimatly failed and caused me more of headche than anthing, best part of this delievery was they didn’t think I’d pop before Decemebr, ha ha ha they were WRONG! I complained at a little after 7 that I had to take a poo and well it was let me check and oh hold on let me get the doctor. Okay I wait, doctor comes in and checks me and says DON’T PUSH apparently I’d been pushing without noticing, normal in pregnancies, but they weren’t ready! I was told to play on my cell phone and watch t.v. I’m like GRAET call Lorne as he’d left to go home. Ugh seriously a day from wow this is weird. By 8:04 pm my son was born weighing a whopping 8 lbs 5ozs and 20.5 inches long making him my biggest baby boy in weight. He was the only one to be born with RED HAIR, ahhh.

Well there’s our story … it’s 100% true welome to my labor and delivery captured in my memory. I love them to the moon and stars and back, they are my life, they are my son’s!


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