Weekly Wrap-Up !!!! Shlackers Style :)

I mbWell this week for me ends today! Thursday, a huge bummer but it’s life we can’t win everthing.
We gotta handle the good with the bad…

Monday: So Monday started well way different, and well I was completely impressed as my kids where dropped off to school by 08:00 and I was at work before 08:20 yay! I was able to get in, put my lunch away and get completely going and munching away on food well, before my stomach decided that bringing up what i ate would be nice and me washing my hair out in the bathroom would be funnier too. So lesson learned when it comes to my medication… grrr oh yeah that’s a health issue that I haven’t covered. Woops! So I spent five hours busting butt trying to make it threw my 7.5 work shift which is really an 8 hour shift with a thirty minute unpaid lunch. I only made it 5 cause I couldn’t handle the churing stomach. I went home took my medication then it was nap time then attempt to eat some dry strachy foods, potatoes, white rice and ginger ale, which was a success. Yay! Then it was off to get the kiddo’s as we where being blessed with a visit from my sister before she started her summer job. Once home we waited for my sister to arrive at the house, then we cleaned up the messes that had happened then it was my boys begging to go for a walk, and well since it was such a nice day out even though I went home sick I didn’t see the harm a walk could possibly have on me let alone us. The walk was refreshing except for the bugs, YUCK! Oh well we walked 1.97 miles in total and well we ran some of it too!

Tuesday: So Tuesday went much better, I remember to pack my medication down fall was I forgot to bring my lunch 😦 FAIL! But I started the crock pot! Score!
I made it to work early, man do I love that I can actually get to my desk and still have a second to breath, nicer now honestly and I’m not late getting the kids or rushing through traffic.
Worked my normal 8:30-16:30 shift at UMass and headed off to get my kids then off to my sisters house then back to my house to get a stroller then off to her’s (my sisters house again) to get her and her kids then off to meet my husband down at the hampsire mall. Then it was home to get the babies ready for the next day and bed. It was a great day and perfect weather too!

Wednesday: Well this day was a super success, kids off to school me off to work and even brought lunch and remembered my medication (new to me so I’m learning to get a schedule down for it). Work was a hoot, litteratly with the birth of a baby falcon! Woot Woot, you too can watch live just click W.E.B Du Bois Falcons. I was so excited I shared that link with coworkers, family and my son’s school in hopes that everyone can find it amaizng and useful. Then it was off to get gas for my Clide then get my mother since I hit up my errands after work but needed those before getting my babies, then it was home to throw on some jeans and sneakers then off to the bike path for a three mile (just about) walk with my family. It was exciting we had a lot of fun and even made friends with the animals along the way. Then it was time to drop my mom off then head home to get those boys ready for bed and in bed. I then prepped Thursday’s dinner which happens to be a crock pot special ah the love of crock pots and no real mess of cooking. Then it was bed myself since I was exhausted.

Thursday! Happy Thursday my Friday, working 08:30-16:30 and then off to get my babies since it’s another beautiful day maybe some time at the playground with Grandma not sure… Well happy days y’all!
Now for the week in photo’s!

Monday 5.5.2014 Happy Cinco De Mayo

Tuesday 5.6.2014 (just a normal day)

George & Myself 🙂

Sister Love

Rainbow at UMassFive

& at my Sisters place

Wednesday 5.7.2014 Happy Hump Day Y’all 

sharing my son’s artwork at work 🙂

Thursday Morning: 5.8.2014 Happy Friday too me!!!! 
Today’s my Friday cause I’ve got at 10:00 am appointment… and work closes at 12:00 so I’m just taking the day off. (there’s the logic behind that one) 

gotta stay healthy … DRINK WATER

See you all later!


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