Weekend ReHash!!!! Shlacker Style

Well another weekend has come and gone and I’m okay with that. For it was fun and full of adventure. 
Friday came was at what most would call a week day but for me as soon as I’m out of office and on route to get my children the weekend has begun. So as what may it was a great day. So I let my husband take my SUV that day since he said he needed it for he was going with his mom to get a dresser, low and behold they went and it’s getting delivered, you really needed my SUV and to kill my half tank of gas, thanks! Jerk, now please tell me why you just didn’t take yours as you made me wait ten minutes, oh well wasn’t going to let that ruin my day. So once he got me it was off to get my babies from school and treat them to a afternoon at the park until two of them decided it would be good idea not to inform mumma or Dada that they needed to use the bathroom which ultimately ended with us leaving the playground heading home and cleaning the mess. BUT that didn’t stop the fun or the desire to tire my children out with good old fashion fun, off we went to explore the deep wonders of the backwoods that we live in. We ventured off on a 1.8 mile walk up into the woods of were we live and let me tell you these kids LOVED it! I found our new swimming spot, found our new hang out zone for photo shoots. (I got some good photo’s I’ll post later of course want to place A.HattPhotography on them so no one takes credit) The walk was extremely fun and well did it’s purpose tired those boys right out to the point they ate dinner, took showers and off to bed willingly. SCORE! No fight, no fuss and no muss! Yeah that’s a saying we say.
Friday Evening: Dada & Mumma got to watch some movies together before hitting the hay, productive and peaceful night. Well done us! Well done!

Saturday: Hubby and I both got up around 6 something after what was the longest night/ morning that we could have not wanted, as soon as that sun started peaking away my youngest was up and ready to go go go, yet it wasn’t even full day break and he wanted up and out. Un-knowningly knowing he’d be crashing around 2pm. It was a forever long day but completely worth it. We watched cartoons and played with toys, no visit with Aunty or Grammie but that’s okay we decided to venture out on a 2.0 mile walk to the same place but further. (I track the walk with Map My Walk- a free app that’s pretty fun, I’m a private user so I only accept people I know) Then it was a quick visit at Grammies to give her gifts the boys collected, ROCKS for her fishy tank and well they traded off and got some treats, then we headed home to get ready to meet daddy since we were going out to eat a special treat. My kids each got to take $5.00 from their piggy banks and if they were really good they would be able to spend it on whatever they liked, and well I was completely shocked with how well behaved my children were at Wong Garden restaurant of their choosing. They even got toys and such that were productive, Connor got a bike bell, Sean got a squishy stress ball cause it was funny and tickles, and Kayden picked out a toy car and a ball and bat combo. They did great! I’m very proud of them and even more so since I got so many complements at the restaurant for their outstanding behavior.

SUNDAY: May The Forth Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!
A day where we got to see dada off but the boys had a special breakfast with him while mumma got to relax and clean up the rooms while they had some dada time. My babies really wanted to walk again so we took a .74 mile walk to the TURTLE POND on our road, until Sean played in skunk cabbage, uh yup TRIP OVER! On the fun side it rained a little on our walk and we didn’t mind. Then it was home to shower and have our MOVIE NIGHT, The Nut Job! Woot woot that movie is funny. Then it was mumma’s time to do some food shopping without the kids, makes for spending less money even got a bigger lunch pale for myself to bring lunch to work! Woot Woot! Happy Me Save’s me money!

Well let’s get to the FUN PART… Photo’s!

Friday Photo’s:

Body Selfie! Go RedSox!

Body Selfie! GO Bruins!

Connor jumping to the bars
Sean’s turn

I love my boys and how they try everything

he’s got this … Woot Woot!
The Home Part to Friday!
Stole a Picture (can’t ya tell)

The Boys!

Mumma and her babies


Dada caught mumma sleeping on the job! Too Cute got say I’ve got a GREAT HUBBY!

Saturday Photo’s: 
Watching Team Umi Zoomi

Not helping with laundry


Die Hard Bruins Fan always have been always will be BORN & RAISED to bleed BLACK & GOLD!

My Guys

I Love These Boys

New Sport … in his future … too cute!

Sunday Photo’s: 
MAY THE FORTH BE WITH YOU *Star Wars Nerd & Proud of it!*

To The Man I Married you may have left after 21 years but to me you’ll always be my hero, my firefighter! My Husband was a Deputy when I joined and when we got married, Our wedding was surrounded by the brotherhood and we still associate with the guys from time to time. To the fire department that’s like family… Thank you!


Robin Hood on Disney Jr why yes, yes indeed we shall watch!

I’m ready MUMMA

first stop was to chill by the grave yard and spot animals… no deer, no turkeys but ton’s of BIRDS

stole a selfie

FaceTime with my hubby

brother bonding moment

THE NUT JOB: for Sunday Funday Movie

bonding moment with two of my boys

SELFIE: Relaxing while the boys pick up the mess … before we head off to see Dada who we met down the road! Ha ha ha

firefighter in training 🙂


Well that was my weekend… stick aroud and see what happens this week!


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