What a Crazy Bizzar Week!

Well I’ve made it to this lovely Friday once again and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m also happy to welcome in the month of May! So much is happening in May this year!

Well let’s see it’s my first FULL WEEK in well I’m not sure how long my first up to date on time post in awhile … this weekends post should be ontime and I’m gonna be getting better I shlackered off during my week off and am still playing catch up!!!!

The start to every normal crazy hectic week… were you rush and rush and rush… or in my case you manage to get every where on time and throw yourself off for the remainder of the week. Blahh!

New Parking Lot {Welcome Lot 32} 

work outfit … keep it classy and professional  

Got my Diploma too!!!! Happy Graduate  

Also got a letter from my twinny in Texas  

Then it was the normal manic Monday evening with getting the kids to fall in to routine… upside was I picked my mother up to go get Mother’s Day gifts 🙂 
Tuesday: UMass Founding Day and the day of guess what your taking more meds after my doctors appointment & these never END :/ 

Oh yes how Kix 100.9 knows me so well!  

another classy professional outfit  this time I wore flip flops though   

our walk to Goodell where this BBQ took place   

this place was PACKED   

this was the line for food … holy WOW


ha ha ha caught my coworker off guard


food … yum

Sean waiting for me to get him

most def. his mummy right ther

Of course it was TUESDAY NIGHT y’all know what that means … 

oh yeah baby it’s back

Then it was sleepy time my nights are highly borning.
Wednesday: The day were we celebrated our Graduating Students with a small party & the day we where all a little rained out… lmfao

no make up and a natural professional beauty


brought lunch it felt great


my days are always brightened when I get guests 🙂


then we celebrated the graduates and thanked the student staff

#myofficeisbetterthanyours #parties #workers #studentworkers 

treats … oh this is yummy


had to use an umbrella cause it was down pouring out … waaa

then it was grab dinner and kids and fly home cause yeah it was nasty out 

I enjoy rainy day snuggles

Ahhh they grow up so fast


stole the hubby’s chair and his hoodie

of course it was Wedneday night meaning part II of One Chicago was on and I was glued! Then BED!
Thursday: Wowie I made it that far, 

another day no make up but way more casual


left work and it was BEAUTIFUL


shades on, roof back, window down (loving life)


rocking it on waiting for my ma

we decided to take the kids to the playground and they actually where really good and can’t wait to see what Friday brings for or family fun event!!!! 

Seanie Bear


monkey mans turn


little reds turn … go little man


my mother just loves capturing me at my best


Shadow Art : something we created last year :


my handsome guy got me a “Flower”

Bruins (Who Lost)

Well that’s my week up until this am. I’ll be sure to inculde what happens friday afternoon after work in my lovely weekend. See ya all later!


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