Keeping The LOVE ALIVE

Keeping the Love Alive
I’ve been asked many times by friends and family members on how my husband and I keep the LOVE ALIVE in our relationship. We’ve been dating since 2007 with a minor split for a few months in 2010 that lead to my middle son and then got back together and got married in May of  2011.
So How Do We Keep the Love Alive?!
To keep the love alive in our crazy hectic life is tricky but worth every moment of it. It’s the simple things in life that count and matter the most now. The simple things like remembering the small things, doing the small things and even just a simple “I Love You”.
Some things we do to keep the spice in the romance:
-date nights in house (spending money is overrated these days)
-movie nights out of house (Tuesday nights are the best Cinemark in Hadley has a discount night)
-Friday Night Date Night (Movie Night after the kids are asleep)
-Saturday Night Family Night (Game Night)
-special dinner for two (special dinner for the two of us)
-special dinner for five (this includes the kids)
Once a month we see what we have for funds after ALL THE BILLS ARE PAID to see if a DATE outside the house can be achieved. We plan into the months of January, February, May, June,  July, September, October, November & December for  holidays, birthdays and such things. 

As we approach May 2014 we run into Mother’s Day and our Wedding Anniversary we already got Mother’s Day gifts for my Mother and Mother in law even included my kids Aunty since she’s such a huge role model in their lives. We are working on mine… My husband is debating on a few different ideas I’ve joggled around. Can’t wait for our 3 Year Celebration of being married. … BOSTON RED SOX HERE WE COME a FIRST FOR BOTH of US 🙂

We honestly just make each day count and every moment last. We share the good and the bad together. We embrace each others work lives outside of work with simple questions to make each other feel important, we encourage one another in dreams and goals. We strengthen one another when it comes to everything we do. We are ONE but two individuals too!


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