Weekend Re-Cap! 4.25.14-4.27.14

Happy Weekend! ha ha ha

Mine officially started on Thirsday afternoon.
But anyways… let’s recap… 
Spaghetti Benefit Dinner after a field trip (that got it’s own post) to make the night complete. 
Benefit dinner was amazing I loved the shirts I helped design with my older sister. 

Front Upper Left: Got Wood

Back Center: ALDRICH 69 
we co-designed these one of a kind tops


there’s more to that night but it’s not my story beside I won some goodies at the raffle and donated $150.00 worth of avon goodies and hopefully made some new customers … if not oh well… 
I’ll convince my sister to make a post in her blog as well. 
Well we got ready and loaded up to get breakfast on the run with granda fuller to try to make the car show UMass was holding in lot 33 (my old parking lot)! 
But since it was raining we didn’t stick around so the boys visited Aunty & Grammy while I chilled with Kayden before we watched the bruins game before meeting up with daddy to do haircuts. 

my boys

the four of us
he loves his minon slippers 

Chatting with himself (cute pucture) 


watching the Bruins in daddy’s chair 

watching the Bruins with mummy 

this cat has the life … bruins game in bed … lol 

every day normal: blue jeans, over sized hoodie and occasionally a baseball cap 

(Kayden’s first haircut in it’s own post!) 
And SUNDAY the last day to relax and the day stress began… blahhh 

breakfast at the Shlackers Dwelling

my drinking glass!!!! 

our trip to Walmart always leads with silly moments 

My next basketball player 

then a quick visit to dads… I saw Zoe!!!

Then we headed home to get those boys to bed… as the work & school week was to commence


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