Our FIRST Field Trip!

On Friday, April 25th my kids had their FIRST field trip, with their school of course. I was asked along with my husband to help caphrone the event, we jumped at the idea… okay maybe I pushed him but I was for it. Though I must say this trip wasn’t planned all that well. Sad but true. But who am I to say a thing I’m just a parent. But the place was fun and the kids had a blast.

We dropped the kids off at 8:00am like any normal day and found out we needed to be back for 9:30 which was great it had given us time to get some has before the adventure.

Alright … it’s 9:20 were back at the school waiting for the kids… of course this whole EVENT isn’t planned out very well… I’m completely astonished with how an event could be planned with no real lack of set up for morning routine, maybe it’s cause all my past experiences with going on field trips the other schools where way more ready, but such is life we can’t change what we can’t change or for myself what we don’t run.

We all embark to the school bus… my youngest of course rides with us… my older boys demanded they went on the school bus a FIRST for them BOTH! So many school firsts accomplished in one day, amazing.

Once loaded up and on the bus we got off on the road with one stupid minor glitch … people need to learn how to read and tell height, I mean really ugh oh well … The first field trip was fun we got to the place a little before 11am and stayed until 1pm and headed back to the school where we dropped Kayden back off so we could attend our prior engagements before they got out of school.

Now for the Photo’s:

Getting on the Bus *Monkey Man and Cousin Logan*

Sean’s turn

REALLY School busses go under this ALL THE TIME they really thought they where stuck!
Amused with the bus


just a little high and very fast moving



the back side of it

Little Red in his Stroller

Connor coming in off the bus with his fellow class mates

Just Love This

A Father & Son

Sean with his classmates

All of my babies and there buddies from class 🙂

too cute

what a ham

i actually got to play too

Connor and cousin Logan standing with Grandpa

walking with my nephew
Sean waiting to load the bus to head back to school

the other boys headin to the bus

Sean on the bus 🙂

Connor on the bus 🙂
Walking back with my guys to the SUV

Well that was our first field trip, can’t wait to attend others 🙂



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