Weekly Re-Cap {4.22-4.24}

My Three Day Work Week!

Monday we had off due to a Holiday and I was like okay… cool. I was more off cause the week before I was on vacation. 
Tuesday: My first day back in exactly 10 days and that included the holiday and weekend… my gosh it felt like forever.
It was nice to be back on schedule cause during the days of vacation I wasn’t on much of one sadly. 

Pretty In Pink (Dress for Sucess) 

must keep it professional 

kisses from the hubby! yay!!!! 

being cute (texting with friends teasing them about my vehicle and being outta work) 

then off to get my babies and head home!!!

Keep it classy and casual for the Bruins Game!!!! *Hardcore Fan since birth (that’s toght haters 1989 was my introduction to Hockey) I’ll never love another team as much as I love the bruins! 

That’s for the people talking trash bout me and my love for sports … back off cause you don’t know me… or my life… 

Another day but it was rainy so it was a casual professional day 

Yoga pants, cute stripped too and scarf to keep me warm and sneakers since I actually have to walk to work 

Always rocking my redsox (bang) 

It was Grandpa’s birthday so we did FaceTime down in North Carolina 

telling grandpa stories 

Grandpa talking to little man 

Sean and Cousin Keleah chatting with the birthday boy (birthday grandpa)

then it was inside for dinner, baths/showers and bed!!!!

we even FaceTime’d with daddy too!!!! that’s my sexy screenshot :p

Today: Thursday is just my Friday… 

Professionally casual…

also rocking my Cabela’s hoodie 🙂

Today’s a big day for my boys as they partake in this event that is taking place on the Amherst Town Common at 10:30 wish I could have gone but it’s okay there will be more events for us to share

Well that’s my week thus far … keep a watch I’ll be posting others soon! 


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