Bare With Me

Sorry guys I’ve been so swamped with the house remodel that well I’ve lacked on a posting yet you where aware I’d be on hiatus until this week … I’ll try to get some posts up we transformed three rooms and are still hard at work with the other three rooms… and I’ll share how Easter was and now my (weekends where) I’ve got so much to catch you up on!!!!!

(All Posts are posted on Date’s that they where written so bare with me) If you want diret links to posts I’ll be sure to share a post with DIRECT LINKS to each post of mine! There is going to be a ew 🙂
But life’s been great now that I’m not having to explain myself to people that clearly can’t handle a friendship with someone like me … my life’s been honestly nothing but good things since I stopped talking with certain people too ahh that group outta my life everything’s looking better 

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