Easter 2014

Happy Easter!!!!
(Pictures included the day before Easter with the Egg Coloring and Easter)

My Easter morning started with one older boy running up stairs and waking his little brother and attempting to wake his other little brother who decided that bedtime the night before would be at 2:45 Easter morning.

Easter officiated in our house at exactly 09:00 which was nice cause it gave me a chance to contact stop and shop a local store to see if they where open as we needed some very LAST MINUTE things, which also allowed me to get gifts for both my mother and mother in law yet my mom’s gift is still sitting on my dinning room table.

After which we made it to my mother in laws EARLY but that’s only cause I spaced out and forgot I wanted them in a specific outfit … oh well it was fine everything turned out fine.

Then we went to our cousins house for the Easter Egg Hunt… that was FUN.

Then it was to our home for Easter Dinner part II and it was yummy!

Now Pictures:

These are from the day before EASTER!

Eggs … I hard boiled 3 1/2 Dozen eggs
some of the finished eggs cooling 
Coloring EGGS
Monkey Man proud of his art work 🙂 
Seanie Bear wanting to do more
Little Red planting Magic Jelly Beans
Seanie Bear doing the same thing
Monkey Man planting magic jelly beans
Little Red’s basket 🙂 
Monkey Man’s basket 🙂
Seanie Bear’s basket 🙂 
Easter Bunny arrived!
*Happy Easter Y’all*

opening their baskets 🙂 
Magic Jelly Beans sprouted Lollipops 
Seanie Bear and Monkey Man completely excited
A Beautiful Bella with a Beautiful Plant 
Easter Sunday Outfit *Pink*
Seanie Bear and Monkey Man enjoying Easter Lunch at Grandma’s & Aunties 
Little Red watching what’s happening 
On the hunt with mum-ma
ACTION … He got distracted with the ball (he’s gonna range between Soccer and Basketball) 
checking out what he got!
they all missed their cousin Bryan 
Pete gone did CRASH… bah hahahaha blackmail!
*Photographer Seanie Bear* made mommy smile!
Quacks *Shauna* and Slushy Duck *Me*
My niece and myself 🙂 she’s too cute!
Nothing better than love on Easter
I love you Babe!
A Mum-ma and Little Red Selfie *Gingers*
Cousin Bryan and myself 
Cousin Stephen and myself 
Family take 2 
Never a Holiday that don’t end without a BONFIRE … yeah we rednecks we don’t go to the bonfire the bonfire comes to US!
Tiki Torch … no one said it had to be small… bah hahaha

Well those are some of my amazing day, wasn’t taking many photo’s since I was busy living my life and enjoying it with my three son’s and family. Happy Easter Y’all!


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