Cabela’s {Sunday & Friday}

OMG Cabela’s is my dream store… my only downfall is that it’s in CT but it’s worth the drive. Everything about that store was amazing, can’t wait to test all my goodies out. Kids got more excited when they learned they where getting new poles and nets. They are my country kids.

So instead of talking about how much I loved this store, i’ll share my photo’s I took during each trip! I went Sunday with my mother in law and then again on Friday with jus myself and my hubby! Woot woot! Amazing fun, can’t wait to go back 🙂


Me & look Seanie Bear

My hazel eye and little man zonked out

my guys 🙂

Grandma & Monkey man plaing games 🙂

Hubby driving … bout the only time he drives my SUV is on LONG TRIPS to places I ain’t sure where they are! ha ha ha

Cabela’s !!!! We made it!

of course he decides to go in threw the back :p

Cabela’s (My new favorite fishing store!)

oo0oo I want!

that’s what Seanie Bear and Monkey Man wanted

as you walk in you’re greated by a plane

Sean was at awe when he walked in

this was pretty neat

there actually where live fish in there and they blended in



that was just too cool not to capture

Seanie Bear took this picture

Boys checking out the fish tanks

pointing out the Eli


Elevator to the second floor that had them all looking out the window

Boy was this boy happy and too cute!

When we left to head to Cabela’s

When we left Cabela’s and headed home! AMAZING


Friday’s trip… equals FREE HAT!

Cabela’s baby!

Well there you have it … our fun… our trip to cabela’s our excitment too!


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