Shlacker’s Home Makeover

So my husband and I are on vacation and our idea of vacation one was to transform our house before the summer season to give our oldest his own room.

So we transformed three bedrooms and well are currently working on the last three rooms before the basement. 
Before Photos to Connor & Kayden’s Room: 
this room has 10 years worth of storage in it… how scary!

After Pictures of Connor & Kayden’s room: 

Panaramic View of the boys room! 

Before photos of Sean’s room! 
after two boys lived in this room and previous tents it was time for a new look! 


After Pictures of the new Sean’s Room:

Panaramic View

Sean in his bed


Panaramic View of his club house

So that’s how the boys rooms came out and with that we where able to transform the Master Bedroom too! 
Master Bedroom BEFORE:

Ugh Gross my room became a pit! 

this is what happens when you share a room with stuff! 

Wow, that’s bad … I’m ashamed… I’ve never had a room this bad …. 

that’s what my closet looked like … 

Are You Ready?!
After photos: 

Panaramic View 

cleaned and organized closet 

Love how it looks 

So that’s what my husband and myself with some help from family did on our vacation. Wonderful right we’ve gotten the house more like a house this fall we attack the BASEMENT!


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