Weekend Re-Cap {4/11- 4/13}

But Happy Weekend!

Yet again another weekend! Well this weekend starts my VACATION! I’m happy too! A whole weekend with my family, okay the hubby has to work Saturday but that’s okay.

I got out of work at 4:00 instead of 4:30 since I had to run to banks due to a ooops that happened with payroll … I wasn’t upset just a little frustrated that’s all. Mainly with the bank… oh well we live we learn. 
But the best part was the Eatser Bunny trip!!!!

Kayden wasn’t having the bunny this year (2014) 

It was okay though the pictures where sti

cute as can be! 
Saturday the hubs had to work… blahhh 

and that’s what he sends me … the boys went off to Grammies and Aunties so me & little man rested … 

No real photos that day… Sorry 
SUNDAY: the trip to Cabelas with my mother in law … that was a blast!!!!! my kinda store and omg my kids i have never seen kids so excited to fish in my life! 

Cabela’s of course he’d drive in the back entrance! 

when you first walk in

checking out the fish cave 

First Ring Pop & he loved it !!!!

the best part to that day was we grilled since it was beautiful outside 80 degrees and we loved every minute of it. 



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