Weekly Re-Hash

Happy Friday! TGIF
I honestly am Happy it’s Friday! I’m also happy that at 4:00 pm my vacation starts!
I’ll Be Attempting to Refraining From Posting until April 19th! So bare with me as the excitement will be their!
So as I dawned this week I wasn’t planned for ANYTHING really that was thrown at me except my son’s Registration for Kindergarten. But I made this week work! I made it my B*tch as they say! So here I am on this lovely friday where I can rehash what’s happened the good and the bad the fun and the not so fun the wanted and the unwanted.
Alrighty my
it started with a trip to the doctors and finding a sitter for Kayden since he was SICK! rash that people thought was a bad rash turned out to be just eczema and a day of rest because his asthma was acting up badly.
it started like every normal day! up rush getting the kids together since they wanted to stay up way too late (must tire them out more!)
then off to drop off at the school and me to work then…
we grabbed grammie fuller then went shopping then it was off to get uncle james from work then drop them off then home before daddy!
Wednesday: Registering Sean for Kindergarten!
like every day we rushed around to get our sleepy boys up and dressed
it wasn’t a day where I had to dress up for work since I was coming in late since we had to finish registering our son for kindergarten.
on top of that there was much unwanted bluck that arose out of bull crap that’s really not worth much more than this sentence … no point on dwelling on things you can’t change just laugh it off and move on
then it was meet up with my mom at the playground after getting the kids to let them play then get my brother from work then out to dinner family style.
then drop them off and home
another normal day! yay, work was nice easy breezy … except I caught a mega glitch that affected not only my pay but my whole divisions pay. Wowie! I’m super good caught it the day before pay day and was able to get to the bottom of it talk about great employee and worker!
Then it was off to get my babies and wait for my mother to show up as we wanted to let the babies run off some energy since it was beautiful outside AGAIN! I love spring! Warmer weather is mega plus in my books means kids can play outside.
Then it was off to get dinner home for baths and bed!
So we’ve approached this lovely day when everyone’s excited for the weekend, for me it’s because I get to spend it with my kids and my family today even more so cause I start my week long vacation that includes TWO WEEKENDs so my postings will become very limited as I’ve got a lot to do and I graduate school this coming week! Go me! and I’ve decided to go back!
Oh so I can’t wait to get my babies as we’re off to see the Easter Bunny at the Holyoke Mall or Hadley Mall we aren’t sure but either way it’s going to be FUN!
Now the fun part PICTURES:
Me mid-day with my Hot Chocolate in hand 
potty training success 
Tuesday: Forecast Rainy

Rainy Day equals heels by the time I left work no rain! Yay 

shopping with my boys 

they are just too silly 

little man just wasn’t having it lol 

My hubby got me a gift to go with tickets we won!!!! Concert Tuesday for Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, & Randy Houser!!!!! Omg I’ve got the best husband EVER!!!!!

My UMass Alex & Ani I’ve only been hinting at it for 6 weeks … when I saw it came out! lol

Wednesday: Registration Day
Selfie cause I can 
We are adorable 
while we wait for our time … lol I’m so sexy even after the lengthy emails I had gotten … woah 
Daddy’s turn to fill out papers … he never got any of me 😦 
my breakfast yum yum yum 
Rocking through my day
Wednesday Playground Fun: 

playing at wildwood playground 

we love slides 

oh yes we sure love slides 

ready set weeee 

Mother & Daughter 

playing on monkey bars 

so handsome so cute tunnel love 

 My Boys & Myself 

no make up and not feeling well 

another day on the playground with the babies 

our end of trip we made it photo 
my outfit 
blue jeans, flats, and black sleeveless shirt 
peace, kisses & love 
to the ones who choose to talk about me in ways they don’t have the balls to come at me… haters will hate I ain’t your victim and I damn sure ain’t your follower watch me show you wrong I’ll never change to be less of what I am !!!!! I’ve got strength I’ve got the power watch me prevail your words are nothing but my anchors for my success! 
Happy Friday Y’all!!!!

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