Weekend Re-Cap!

What a Weekend!
Between family fun & beautiful weather it was amazing!
So I made it to another weekend yet again! I love making it to the weekends even if they sometimes can become crazy and hectic! I mean… isn’t that what makes them sepcial and magical. I love my weekends with my babies as the week days are so hextic and crazy with the school and work life. Can’t believe I’m graduating this month and my Seanie Bear’s graduating next month! I’m also going back to school too! Ahhh College Bound this time. That was the talk of the weekend. On Saturday we had some fun time in the am before the older boys ventured off to Grammies and Aunties since they’d hadn’t seen Grammie in two whole weeks cause she went to PA with other family that the boy’s didn’t seem to fond of. Then we went to a BIRTDAY PARTY that wasn’t allowed to be where it was and was thrown out before we got there so we stayed for the event they had going on and well had a blast with the UMass Farm. 
Then SUNDAY omg the day from utter stress and disfunction… well that was the mid evening portion the morning was beautiful we woke up, dad went to work, got the kids ready and dressed and took a MILE LONG HIKE and found a neat stream 🙂 the kids loved the fun walk. Then it was home to play while I made pizza … then they all CRASHED which was nice for me since I wanted to jump in the shower since we had guest arriving for WRESTLE MANIA xXx which we’ve hosted for the last FIVE YEARS! I’d get a kick outta throwing those parties with the family. Let’s the kids see family they don’t always normally get to see 🙂 so it’s worth it.
Saturday, April 5th of 2014! 
My three boys before a visit with Aunty & Grammie

All passed out … uh ooops

Red Tail Hawk *UMass Farm*

(UMass Farm gets it’s own blog post) 

they loved the animals mainly the horses

The Things We See!!!! ha ha ha two signs and ones upside down !!!! 
Sunday, April 6th of 2014! 

We also then took a mike long walk 🙂 that was fun

(more photos of this event in it’s own blog post) 

we had a blast exploring

the  we played outside with our cousins

awe the joys of having my own playground


RED SOX SPIRIT even if we lost

My Fire Fighters (too cute)

Wrestle Mania 30

I love my tv (70”)

The Crew

Uncle Moe’s Mini

he he he his Wrestling buddy

ha ha ha “the bottom line”

most of the peeps smoke cigg’s so it was cigg break and I wanted to join (I didn’t smoke don’t worry)

My uncle took this picture of myself and my husband

his selfie with Seanie Bear

Well that’s my weekend recap. Hope you found it as fun as it was. 

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