UMass Hadley Farm

So on Saturday, April 5th my son’s where invited to a double event… a birthday party that was to take place durning another event… good thing we showed up late, cause the birthday party wasn’t sanctioned and the party was thrown out. Which was fine by me the kids didn’t really care for the party idea they wanted to go to the UMass Hadley Farm to see the animals.

So we walked around and man I’m very displeased with the UMass Hadley Farm crew as they are completely rude and snobby. We weren’t apart of the birthday party yet when trying to see cattle they moved the cattle away and ignored us that was very unsettling for my kids who happen to LOVE the farm life I’m raising them up in. I was completely in shock and disheartened when it happened I’ll I could do was switch there focus… shame shame shame 
So we walked through the area looking around at the horse barn and wow yet again nothing but rude and snarky people though I have to give credit where credit is due there was one girl who loved chatting with my kids and that made their day. 
After we walked the barn we decided it was time to leave it was getting late and we had to meet dada in Northampton but as we where leaving my mother and I over heard the UMass Farm folks talking about the party and how it was rude of them for staging on their area without permission and I agree the way they decided to talk about it was wrong and the way they treated little kids was even worse, I’m sorry don’t just assume all where there for the party. 
Well now for the fun part… Photo’s: 

Thankfully my ma took some with her equipment… FLASH OFF OF GOURSE don’t want to spook a horse. 

Red Tail Hawk this was just a beautiful siting and we where lucky enough to see it and snap pictures of it 

My boys LOVE horses helps when my grandpa has two and so do my friends one day in the next few years I’ll have my horse again… I miss mine. 

They where just so exited 

friendly guy  was a beautiful shot

this guy loved to show off in the breeze and it was perfect for taking photos 

This guy was all about getting up on the photo equipment to give it a sniff 

The barn kitty Sean spotted he’s a boy who’s into checking out his surroundings 

petting the horses with Grandma Fuller 

Connor was mad this guy didn’t talk to him but he did get to his level to see him 

Connor & Kayden petting the horse 

Connor almost got kissed & Kayden wanted to pet the horse 

the horse wanted to check out kaydens stroller yet the kids where checking out the horse across the stall 

I love horses and can’t wait to own again


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