Nature Walk 4.6.2014

Family Nature Walk 
On Sunday, April 6th of 2014 we decided to venture out on a 1.5 m mile walk to a stream up the road from the house! Def. worth the workout and fun!

Sunday, April 6th of 2014 was a beautiful day, the sun was out and there were no clouds in sight. Making for a beautiful day to get up and do something. I asked the kids if they wanted to go for a walk and well they jumped for joy and excitement and I said well let’s get dressed, eat and head off to the stream! They were so excited that they ate so fast I thought I was seeing double and questioning where my son’s where. LMFAO they normally drag out breakfast for some silly reason. 

As we ventured out I decided that Kayden would ride in the stroller since it was uphill for the most part then dirt road and mud, that would just be asking for trouble as I myself was taking my son’s alone on this adventure as daddy was working. So on our adventure we caught up with our pooch who was magically outside at first I thought they had escaped from the house then realized that the husband let them out this am and only one was back inside because she was on a leash and the other he let run free to do her stuff and she well ran off to the cemetery. 

So during our walk I decided to KEEK along the way and snap some pictures to keep as memories along the way. It’s the new thing to do I guess and to prove to people that I actually do stuff with my kids besides stay inside and do nothing. 


Hershey Girl 

Connor chatting it up with Hershey

Connor talking to Hershey and Kayden talking to Sean

Kayden and Sean 

Connor and Hershey and my stunning LEG!

climbing the hill they found 

yeah they are my silly boys (so cute and handsome)

Sean taking the lead

Me and Kayden waiting for them to come back a two second break!

she’s got the easy ride!
This is the STREAM the boys found and we played at for a good twenty minutes

beautiful can’t wait to take the family further this coming week 🙂 

I think this week we can explore inside the stream with the help of WATER SHOES 😀 us water babes us!

the rocks made a natural water fall 

so peaceful 

all the boys enjoying the dirt

My babies watching the water (throwing rocks and sticks in the water)


I love them!

the other side where the stream is tunneled through 

running around the stream in the woods 🙂 

throwing rocks in the water 

I love how in to the nature they are

blah yucky me I don’t get dressed up for these things as you can see ahhh little man with his walking stick

sean carrying a rock 

Hmmm with his rock  
Connor carrying his stick 

rawr i swing it 

grrrr I’m macho man!

Well that was my beautiful walk with my son’s on April 6th of 2014. This coming sunday April 13th we might take this walk again depending on our plans since the hubs and I are on vacation! 

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