Weekly Re-Cap {3.31-4.4}


Wow I made it to another FRIDAY! Isn’t it an amazing feeling…when you hit that Friday and know once you punch out your works done… okay well that’s kinda how I feel, yet I know my work is truly never done as I am a parent to three boys.

So as we dawn the end of another week let’s rehash all that’s been and done. Exciting … Sometimes.

So Monday … that was a fun day … it was also the last day of March which I totally forgot. Made my day ten times longer and a tad more stressful since I’d oppsed to the kids saying daddy would be home before bed… Yikers…

Mondays outfit … yeah I rocked it 

Bedtime snuggles with little man 

Mondays healthy dinner (yum)

Tuesday it was the same ole morning routine except it was supposed to be really kids out so I get dressed way up for work and wore heels 

there’s the outfit 

there is the body shot and my heels 🙂 

it was so nice out the top was back the shades where on and the windows where down 

59 degrees when I left work I’ll take it 

wasn’t happy when he found Aunty wasn’t coming until the next day 

then I went and paid and bill and bugged him (snapchat to his daughter my sister) 

Then it was a race home to beat dad since he was being back take out that wasn’t too hot I didn’t like it … yuck! 
Wednesday was supposed to be really nice nicer than the day before and well I got even more dressed up… 

Spring dress with leggings and heels 

Spring beauty 4.2.2014 *selfie*

by the end of the night i was rocking my new UMass sweater top 

That day I got out of work early because I had a PTO Meeting to attend at my children’s preschool and lucky while parents were chatting kids are dinner then played outside & that helped come bedtime at home. Had given me some down time and well it was nice. 
Thursday was another dress up for work day except I chose not to wear heels and wore flip flops (which reminds me I need more) 

Totally rocking my Miley top 

 Dressed in all black because I felt like it 

Ready to travel to work … woot woot 

Our mornings … EVERY DAY except MONDAY & FRIDAY … okay and the weekend 

this is what my morning looks like once we reach the kids school … 

Then the boys got their surprise Aunty Nicky came to play 

UMASS RESULTS FOR JOB {I working on the post for it} 

we got Sean to eat a taco with hot sauce and he loved it … such a champ always like his mum-ma 

then it was treat, drink, wind down time and bed 
Then we roll into TODAY FRIDAY!!!! 
Today’s casual Friday and I’m
all for it 

Tank top & blue jeans with flip flops 

of course I’ll rock my sweater instead of a jacket 

EVERY DROP OFF … lol they scatter and I’m usually behind today I took the lead 

FRIDAYS LUNCH {Salad & Water} 

well that’s my week … enjoy!!!! 
I can’t honestly wait till later tonight and this weekend


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