News for my posts!!!!

Well I try to post every day but that doesn’t always work as a mum-ma of three who works full time.

So I’m going to give a recap of what I try to post that will of course happen every weekday…
MONDAY: Weekend recap/wrap up
TUESDAY: Transformation Tuesday where I look at what’s changed in my life my family’s lives etc. 
WEDNESDAY: it’s hump day and I don’t have much maybe I’ll start posting inspiring women (maybe) 
THURSDAY: Throwback Thursday is where I travel back in time and hash over my life the good the bad and the fun and sad. 
FRIDAY: The weekly recap/wrap up  and this new FEATURE FRIDAY where I pick a topic to write about
Saturday & Sunday: are my down time from the blog unless I’m sick then I try to do some before I sleep…
Well there’s what happens on my blog okay well that’s not all I do like to share other things & post other things it’s not ALL about this schedule those are just the constants of my blog days. That won’t really change. 

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