ThrowBack Thursday

Alright … it’s that time once again … every week where I go back in them.

I’m going to start with the BAD of 2012! And well it is labeled the BAD of 2012 a lot of lessons were learned and people have been removed from my life and my families lives as well. 
So back in 2012 I meet some people who I thought where well honest and true but after time came to pass I learned the hardcore truth. 
My Once Upon a Time Friendship with


This is a girl that’s a word I will use loosely and oh all puns intended here on that. I meet this girl through a weird night to say the least, it was a stupid night at a bar in Northampton that had me wishing I’d never gone out if I’d had know how things would have turned out. I was to meet up with these girls… this girl just so happened to be friends with someone else that says they no longer chat but my mind says others wise. But that’s besides the point, back to the main topic … the friendship that taught me be careful … This girl is a snob honestly and that’s lightly putting it. So over the course of our time hanging out from the very end of 2011 till the mid part of 2013 I realized that she was trying to get me to be her, and I wasn’t having it for one I’m not half the flake she is, let alone I don’t sleep with my friends fiance either.

This person taught me what kind of parent I didn’t want to be, she was a horrible mother in my eyes, leaving her daughter almost every night with her parents to frolic the bars that wasn’t my seen. But even though that was her thing I didn’t mind hanging with her at the time it was more the I didn’t have many girls to hang with short of ordeal and well she was a city girl that liked country music and had a daughter around the same age of my babies.

After a lot of clashing and disproving of her lies and ways I grew to dislike this person more and eventually blocked her from social media sites. I don’t talk to her and won’t talk to her…

So re-cap the good was getting the children together to play and occasionally shopping trips … and the bad was she wasn’t all together with her parenting and herself… and she PARTIED WAY TOO MUCH.

Then we have this lady… 


Now here we have Miss Sarah … There isn’t much I can say to be honest, we didn’t hang out as much as I did with her ex friend Katelin …but … we did text a lot… and see one another at family functions as she became part of my family shortly after meeting her when I introduced her to my cousin who we learned isn’t the greatest of all people, boy did he have me fooled. Now we talk occasionally and we never hang out … we never socialize outside of working on campus… for various reasons. There had been times were we didn’t talk because of things that seemed to bother one of us or both of us.

So yeah not much to say other than the times we did hang out were fun and the memories of rafters will always be there but I don’t have time for that.

Now for the really positive people in my life: 

 Lexi & I in 2012 
This girl I’ve known since before my first son was born back when she dated my brother and we hung out as RINK RATs at Interskate 91. Oh wow those days. That’s going to be next Thursday’s throw back RINK RAT moments time travel back to 2008/2009. She’s my TWINNY!
 2012 Nicky & myself 
I’ve known this gem since well middle school 🙂 and she’s been in my life ever since. She was my maid of honor at my wedding, is considered my lover 🙂 he he he and is the godparent to my children. She’s one of my partners in crime … we tend to keep each other grounded.  
 2012 Shauna & myself 
I meet her once prior to becoming family when I ran into my cousin at JC Penny in Hadley many moons ago and thought she’d kill me cause I’m some skinny twig running up to her boyfriend and giving him a huge hug then running off… who knew we’d become close friends and now family… she’s my farm bud.
 2012 Katie & myself 
Wow this girl has known me since I was in diapers! That’s a long time and I’ve know her children since they where in diapers… she’s tech. my cousin really but we grew up like sisters and well it felt that way since she was always hanging out with us. She lost her mother at a young age and my mother really took her in from there our parents knew one another 🙂
She’s been my rock threw some hardtimes as I’ve been hers. WE ARE SISTERS 🙂

Well that’s my throwback and some history of my life with first hand history of people I have come to know and come be acquaintances with… and yeah I say it how I see it.


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