Weekend Re-Cap 3.28-3.30


Saturday: Oh what a freaking day this day was… 
Everyone in my house was up by 09:00 and we decided to have “French toast” for breakfast plus I wanted to have fun. They were all excited because they were having their Aunty visit at the house because I had to take the pup’s to get shots at the Petco Clinic in Holyoke and that was a THRILL. NOT! Around 13:00 hundred my sister in law came to watch her nephews so that I could go to the clinic with the dogs, but first I needed to load them into the SUV and pack a snack for them since they are pretty good for car rides. Then it was off to pick up the handy helpers that are accompanying me and the pooches along on this neat adventure.

Got to the Holyoke Petco at 13:45 and well was shocked at how long the line had already gotten and they don’t start until 14:30 according to advertising. Okay sweet 45 minute wait I’m game I can handle that, and we jump in line (Middle of the LINE) of course cause by the time we had gotten into spot we’d been filled in behind us with just as many people that were in front of us. At 14:45 we where informed that the vet was running LATE, really running LATE and they didn’t show up until 15:15 and this clinic was only supposed to go till 16:30 but if you where in line before 16:00 you’re golden I was in line at 13:45 and I’d tagged and checked in so they can’t question me on that, plus they can check the video cameras, I drove 45 minutes for this… I’m not being told I have to come back, then they gave the dogs treats for waiting so long on such rough floors, even the humans where hurting. Oh and the best part was we GOT EXPIRED COUPONS from them too! Seriously… expired coupons, I’m going to have to call them and question that. 

They did great when getting their shots, $100.00 later of course… but they are all set with Rabies shots and distemper shots too, now to gather paperwork proving that they’ve been fixed… eeeps, contacting Vet’s and hunting down paperwork. Then of course dealing with late fee’s.  

We’re ready!

 Hersey just chilling

 Max just chilling

 my view from our spot since we arrived

 we made it to the final stretch

 the WAIT

 awe what a cutie ( I want him )

We got to have homemade french toast by ME 🙂 and bacon by my hubby but the kids at it all best way to share

 cuddles with little man

 playing with cousin GG

ahh best gift ever Keurig 🙂

 my babies all playing peacefully

 relaxing watching t.v.

 wearing my work boots 🙂

 my cousin’s cat rode kane


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