Monster X Tour at UMass Mullins Center

        MONSTER X TOUR !!!!!!

The Monster X Tour takes UMass Hostage in a family fun weekend. My boys did so good with potty training that they got a special reward … after a week and a half no accidents they deserved this too.

The boys where so excited when we picked them up even more so when we asked if they where ready they questioned why… and well we just smiled and said TRUCKS.
So we ran to the bank to take out money for the fun since well we didn’t have an on hand then it was of to drop little man off since he wouldn’t do too well at this event. My mother had come up to watch him for this awesome treat for the older boys. (the getting the sitter was the worst part of the day but it was worth it in the end)
Well best way to share this night is with photo’s so check them out … enjoy…
I’ll have to create a place I can link for you all to see … besides instagram and tumblr…


where they parked us … hello wheeling

blurry parking pass … of course we was wheeling through the Mudd 🙂 

the boys walking to the Mullins Center

all of us and wow I am pale

Monster X Tour 

huge compared to them 

Connor & Daddy

Sean & Mom

my view coming down 

Wow !!!!! 

The Boys!!!!

BIGFOOT his come back




silly as can be


I liked big foot


they also had dirt bikes


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